Young Goodman is married to his wife Faith for three months now. Nathaniel Hawthorn is the author of the story of hoe Goodman set on a journey through the forest. His wife, Faith wife Faith, warned him of the journey and begged him not to go. However, Goodman was determined to go on his journey and, therefore, no persuasion from faith could change his mind.  Goodman and his wife lived in Salem village.  Goodman consoled himself that Faith was an angel on earth and resolved to cling at her skirt after the night to go with her to heaven. He feared that Faith could have dreamt of his evil motive. Goodman set off on his journey at sunset and waved his wife goodbye, which made her peep.

Goodman was compelled to accomplish his evil goal since he had resolved that he would cling to his wife’s skirt after the night and be with her in heaven.  He took a road that was dreary and was darkened by the gloomy trees of the forest.  The path was narrow and lonely, and Goodman was aware of sudden and unseen multitude. At one time, he thought that the devil was at his elbow, and as he walked, he glanced carefully behind every tree. “There may be an Indian devil behind every tree” he thought. As he travelled, he passed a crook of the road and saw a man’s figure in a grave and decent attire.  The man arose and walked side by side with Goodman. They had a conversation and the man tried to convince Goodman that he was late. “Faith kept me back a while” Goodman said. The man was about fifty years old, and he gave Goodman stuff. The stuff resembled a great black snake. The man said that he had a general acquaintance in New England. He had drunk communion wine with deacons, chaired the selectmen of divers town and a majority of the great and general court were his firm supporters.  Goodman exclaimed that if he had met the minister of Salem village, he could tremble on both the Sabbath and lecture day. This made the old man burst in laughter.

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The old man pointed in front of them, a lady figure. He touched the lady, and she shouted, “The devil”.  However, Goody Cloyse recognized the man as Forsooth. Goody said that her broomstick had disappeared, and she suspected that someone might have stolen it.  They left the woman and resumed their journey.  “The old woman taught me catechism”. This statement had a lot of hidden meaning. The old man plucked a branch of maple to serve as a walking stick. He started to strip its twigs and once he placed his hands on the twigs, they withered and dried.

 “What if the old woman decides to go to the devil when I think she is going to heaven; is that good reason why I should leave my Faith and go after her? Goodman thought and refused to continue with the journey.  The old man told him to make up his mind and use the stuff when he resumed his journey.  He heard horses and the riders were conversing. The sounds resembled those of the minister and deacon Gookin.  He tried to catch something that fluttered lightly in the sky, only to find it was a pink ribbon Faith going. “My Faith is gone!” Goodman was depressed.


 Goodman refused to listen to his wife and set off for a journey with an ill motive. He resolved to live a holy life after the night.  Faith is a symbol of pure faith and devotion in God.  Goodman is undergoing a transformation where he is able to recognize the devil in life. Could Goodman listen to his wife, he could not end up being depressed.

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