AFMI, an engineering company is a worldwide company engaging in engineering specialties and is known for its high customer base. The company has made it in the international market and has acquired this customer base through the application of customer satisfaction as the main strategy behind company growth.

This is done through the perfect proper management of knowledge and skills in the organization, where AFMI has recognized the benefits of managing knowledge and skills in continual growth and expansion. One way that the company manages this is through controlling of liquid and gas flows for many organizations in diverse markets. Besides managing liquid and gas flows, it also manages fluid engineering and controlling of fluids for many companies. Through the skills of AFMI, other organizations get the advantages associated with severe services, which helps in controlling steam or gas flow in other industries. The company is also able to offer services related to indoor climate and beverage dispensing.

AFMI have also managed its workforce to focus on customer satisfaction through delivering of quality products and services. In return, this helps in long-term customer satisfaction and higher product differentiation. The company does not just recruit for the sake of having many employees, but it recruits to make sure that it obtains knowledgeable and talented workforce.

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For a business to achieve its objectives, it has to identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. AFMI has identified several external opportunities that can help the company to grow faster. For example, the company did not choose a crowded market for its operations since there is evidence that only a few firms are present in the niche market. This strategy comes with a hope by the AFMI to control most of the market share in this external environment. This is backed by different strategies like the development of new products, acquiring of new companies and reduction of costs to create product advantages than those of the competitors. Besides this, the company hopes to increase business in its market and to accelerate growth by creating new products. The company also aims at maintaining high operation margins through the reduction of manufacturing costs and reducing supply chain costs. The company knows that it has much strength over its competitors since it has competitive skills and knowledge, especially in fluid engineering. This helps the company in offering high quality products than its competitors in the chosen markets.

Another opportunity that the company looked at was the fact that it already had a leading position in some parts of the market. Therefore, AFMI did not choose to base its operations where other renowned companies like itself were situated. The company had also gained experience on the requirements of its market, which added the probability of high growth. As AFMI increases its operations, there is a likelihood that it will obtain higher profits, which will in turn, lead to product differentiation and opportunities for global expansion.

In conclusion, AFMI has successfully used managerial skills like skills and knowledge management and proper identification of the external environment to obtain its goals and objectives. According to the prospects, which the company has made in this market, there is no doubt that most of its objectives and goals have been realized. In addition, there are signs that much will be obtained in the future.

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