This research paper gives a presentation on the career research analysis of the two companies. The two companies are AT&T and Verizon Communications companies. This paper will give the reason why I select the two companies and the criteria I used to select the companies. I will also give analysis that compare and contrast the two corporation base on the criteria such as location of the job, salaries, career advancement, corporate culture, corporate structure and education requirement. I make a conclusion by selecting a corporation and will give description on the type of position I want to obtain with them. I will also list the skill and education that I require to obtain before I qualify for the position (Pagell, & Halperin, 1999).

Companies and criteria I use to chose the companies

The two companies I chose are AT&T and Verizon Communications companies. The reason why I chose the two companies is that the two companies have a global status. Both of them are known for their exemplary and quality service delivery. AT&T is a company that brings together all the customers through revolutionary Smartphone to the next generation TV sophisticated solution service for multinational businesses. The company has consistently provided reliable, innovative, excellent customer cure and highly-quality product and service. Its latest mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they work and live, and to do better than any one else. The company is recognized as one of the leading IP-base communication service provider to customers. It is also the largest international coverage of any U. S. wireless carrier and fastest mobile broadband network, offering the most phones that work in the country. On the other hand, Verizon is widely known of its innovative communication, entertainment and information delivery. It offers data, voice and video product and services over its global IP, broadband and intelligent wireless that meet customers mobility, speed, control and security. It uses its communication advance services as part of corporate commitment to address importance issues that confront the society (Lichter, 2007).
Analysis of the companies.

There are a quite number of features that makes the two companies to stand out tall in the industry. Among the notable features that the two company manifest in their profile are location of the job, career advancement, corporate culture, salaries, and corporate structure and education requirements.

AT&T Company

AT&T has a comprehensive career development and training that captures my interest. It helps it people to grow and develop their careers. The company was named the best (No.1 overall) for learning and development in corporate America (Chief Learning Officer Magazine, 2011). The company spent $34 million on tuition reimbursement for more than 11,900 employees. 100 % of its employees receive career development review and regular performance appraisal.

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The structure of the AT&T Company is divided into five groups which include: AT&T Alliance for Employee Growth and Development, Inc., AT&T Information Technology Services, AT&T Business Markets Division — Education and Training Organizations, AT&T School of Business and Technology, AT&T Network Operations and Engineering Training (Information Resources Management Association. International Conference, Mehdi Khosrowpour, 2000).
Education qualification for AT&T is well laid down in its certification program. For one to be a member he or she must demonstrate proficiency through performance, job training, testing, and evaluations. One must be focus and able to continuing in education. There are laid down framework such that after some given time one must be able to attain masters Certificate in Program and Project Management. Once the members attain the requirement they are issued with%uF02B Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification.
AT&T Company has most of it offices in strategic place all over the world. The offices are located in places that are deem customer convenient. The company has manage to cultivate the culture of hardworking, co-operation and efficient communication among it management and the allover the main offices and branches.
Verizon Communications


The company is relying on divisional structure as product departmentalization. The company organizes itself around product-based divisions. The product base division is mange as a separate enter-prize. The corporate vice president heads each division and if the organization is large enough it is headed by the president. However, each division is usually has its own identity and operates as a relatively autonomous business under the larger corporate umbrella (Information Resources Management Association. International Conference, Mehdi Khosrowpour, 2000)


The company fundamentals as it culture are respect, excellence, integrity and accountability. It integrates such value into its business practice as a good corporate citizen. The company believes that long-term collaborative relationships among it members and the community fosters a shared, bilateral dialogue and general innovative idea that help the company to improve its decision making, product and service that benefit the customer (Mingat &Sosale, 2003).
Company wants to treat their job as a career. It give a continued support to their employees professional or personally. It aspires to further develop their employee’s standard by holding motivational meetings and holds informal affairs for their employees. The company wants improvement of company and workforce by train’s employees to be team-spirited to helped employees to see and overcome challenges (Rencher, 2002).

The two offer the best opportunities that suit both my qualification and my career development. I would to be part of excellent team and I believe on the fundamental value that the two companies practice. Another aspect that makes the future of the two companies to be promising is the industry that is characterized by innovation and creativity. The industry is becoming the base line for any success to all the business.

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