Carlos Slim Helu is a Lebanese- American, born on January 28th, 1940 at Mexico city, Mexico. His parents migrated and settled in Mexico in the early 19th century. He was born to Linda Helu and Julian Slim Haddad. He also married Soumaya Dom in 1967. They together have six children, that is, three sons and three daughters. His parents plus the wife have passed on. He is a maronite catholic.

Carlos slim studied civil engineering at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). He managed to accumulate his resources as early as 26 years of age.  He is a businessman involved in a varied group of companies that include telecommunications, retail, financial institutions, technology, construction firms, grocery shops, railways, restaurants, auto parts manufacturing businesses among others. He is the wealthiest Mexican man and the number one world's richest. He owns the largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Mexico and had one of the leading in the United States of America with his achievement of brilliance. Slim also owns the major computer retailer CompUSA, with more than 200 retail stores all over the USA and Puerto Rico (Forbes, 2007).

Slim currently works as the CEO and Chairman of Telmex, Telcel and América Móvil which are based in the Mexican city. Carlos Slim has rallied among the top three billionaires in the world. In the year 2007 he was the second world richest man. Year 2008 he was the third world richest man but in the year 2010 he is declared the world's number one richest man with a net worth of US$53.5 billion. The income swelled by US$ 18.5 billion. Carlos remains the first man from a developing economy to break the 16 years dominance of the people of United States in the lead. He amazed the whole world in his own capacity to competing with the developed countries. He as the person from a developing country had all the energy to prove that the skills he has and knowledge he has is worth in the actualization of entrepreneur services. He has excelled as he runs a multi-billion chain of companies in Mecico.

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The financial success achieved by Slim Helu has been from finding undervalued companies and making them lucrative through streaming the management so that it's in line with the functions of the organisation. Telefonos de Mexico (Telmex) was acquired by slim together with the France telecom and south western Bell during a privatization period in 1990 of the Mexican government. Carlos was criticized for raising phone call costs soon after purchasing the business, but he went on to improve phone services in Mexico with the company offering local and long distance calls, mobile phone services, Internet services, and a telephone directory. His wealth is equivalent to 7% of the total output of his country. He also likes playing baseball (Polishuk, 2009).

Carlos is a the major share holder with the New York Times company, in the year 2009 he loan US$250 million to rescue the company from its demise. He also leads a big company based in Mexico named Impulsora del Desarrollo y el Empleo. The company deals with development of infrastructure, transportation, crude oil, among others. In 2000, Slim participated fully in the birth of a foundation which he has chaired since inception. The foundation is named Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México A.C. (Mexico City Historic Downtown Foundation). Its objective is to revive and make Mexico City a place to live in, relax and have entertainment. Slim has also worn awards and demonstrated a spirit of an achiever, who is determined and well cultured in spending ways from his tender age.

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