“Coaching is hot” is an article by Elmer which featured in Fortune on September and discussed in some depth the issue of corporate coaching. The issue of corporate coaching was once viewed as a last resort in the traditional corporate set up. However, coaching executives has proven to be an effective way of improving their conduct and increasing the firm’s performance and profitability. Most executives are daunted by their responsibilities and their relationship with more powerful and experienced executives. They are unable to function to their full potential due to inexperience and fear. Coaching help them gain the necessary confidence to carry out their functions and advance new ideas without fear. This includes making their stand on matters known even though that stand is contrary to their CEO’s (Elmer, 2011). Coaching has also enabled them to make major choices regarding the future of the firm including restructuring departments and firing non performing employees. Such kind of conduct not only gets things done but enables executives to get noticed and therefore advance up the corporate ladder.

Coaching usually is conducted on a personal basis with the frequency of sessions ranging from weekly to monthly. But good coaches have made it clear that it is a big mistake for the participant and his company to expect immediate results. In addition, choosing a coach is an important process since a wrong coach will not deliver the desired effect. When such a mistake has been made, the best thing is to terminate the contract and seek a more suited coach. Most people fail because they feel that it only a matter of time before other executives realize than they are not up to the task put before them and this lack of confidence makes them fail or underperform (Richardson, 2010).  Meredith (2011) asserts that having an experienced coach will lead to achievement of desired outcomes like achievement of established goals and sharpening of leadership skills.

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