The regulation of business activities came into existence when the hours of business operation were adjusted. The adjustment was done in such a way to reduce the hours in which services were being provided to the members of the public. The regulation also wanted to see the farming sector work with all the stakeholders including the judicious planting and gatherings of the produce (Darrel, 2011). The council also made it mandatory that all the states employ the planting and harvesting periods to allocate the appropriate time of the year when the release would take action. The kind of ruling passed for the agricultural sector forces the retailers to abandon middle men when moving farm produce which again makes such people to seek alternative jobs. Because of the same law, transportation materials such as the trucks have reduced so much which reduces the job creations too. Without this order, the number of trucks that supply the firm produce to other places would have doubled the current number. This would have seen so many drivers being recruited to do the job. This would help reduce the number of road carnages on the roads as drivers will carry just enough loads and reach the destination safely (Darrel, 2011).

On the other hand, the council provided the special permit program which sees the private companies and small businesses engage in activities that are not stipulated under the directive. This states that special permit will only be granted to a candidate who proves that the special permit will attain the stage of security that equates the one needed by the regulation. The regulation stipulated under this act does not therefore in any way serve the needs of the public. This is so mainly because it results in loss of personal jobs instead of creating more of the same. Special permit seems to be acting fairly to the business sectors but again it comes with mandatory requirements that the applicant must prove that it will attain. This means that it is not just given to any applicant who asks for the same. The implementation of the new rule has therefore minimized the chances of people being employed in the business and agriculture sector.

The new regulation does not therefore in any way leave a vacant space for new employees to be recruited to work in the targeted sector. It therefore means that a lot of jobs are destroyed and even some people who were already employed end up being retrenched. The regulation therefore kills many jobs and possesses negative impacts to the community as far as public interest is concerned (Issa, 2010).

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The second later describes the regulation on security issues. It explains that there is need to put up a security point at every aircraft repair station. The parts that are normally combined to come up with a fully operational aircraft are so valuable that can be stolen at any time without the company’s knowledge (Darrel, 2011). The security regulation could be carried out by boosting the already existing security measures and putting up more near the aircraft repair stations. All the stakeholders who were present at the launch of the plant supported the move as the best one. The council also posted some major points that all those who were concerned and agreed with the introduction of the ruling were to comment on. All the replies from other members were in line with what was proposed and this seems to satisfy the needs of the public (Darrell, 2010). The move was also meant to satisfy the entire society and not any private individual. One of the strategies put in place to reduce theft cases in planes is to use smaller aircrafts instead of the large ones which carry very many people. Thieves are fond of breaking into the big planes due to many people carried by the same. They find it a waste of time approaching smaller ones that can only carry a maximum of three to six passengers. When such planes crash very many lives are also lost which is not a good idea. The safety measure also includes the test for alcohol use and the use of hard drugs among the workers. Each refurbishing base is expected to produce a note in written form that shows all the activities that take place within the base for easy security regulation. This information helps the security agents to come up with ways of providing security in such places (Robert, 2006).

The main aim of coming up with this kind of regulation is to reduce the theft cases that are being experienced in many aircraft bases. It helps supply a mending station with the chance to get releasable fabrics. The document will also help the security officers in knowing which station provide carrier services by the use of large aircrafts and which one use small ones.

This kind of regulation has been seen to serve the interest of the public to the maximum point. It can be seen by the way many people are happy to see security agenda being discoursed since they are the first beneficiaries of the same. Due to that, the number of people using the same means of transport will increase since there is the confidence of being safe and arriving at the destination safely. The regulation has seemed to put the public interest first and serve them the best way by making it mandatory that the most basic thing has been given the first priority (Binyamin, 2010).

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