My main focus on the above subject matter is prompted by the increased conflict in business cultural spheres, which is perpetrated by different actors. Research has proved that almost all such occurrences emanate from inadequate knowledge about global business cultures. The said problem is found to have resulted from lack of exposure to cultural diversity which in turn is due to inaccessibility of the required communication materials. Such materials include books on business and culture, journals, magazines or even on-line articles.

Owing to the fact that our corporate firm is steadily expanding especially the marketing section, I deem it fit to give some tips on the Norwegian commercial culture. The good news is that our products will soon venture into the European market with initial focus on the Norwegian economy. Our ultimate target is to score decisively on the product launching and familiarization techniques.

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There is no formal salutation as in the case of other cultures like English. An eye contact, smile or a firm hand shake is enough for business to be conducted in a suitable atmosphere.  Whilst doing introduction, the Norwegians normally commence with surnames.  First names must be addressed with titles like ‘Fru’; meaning Mrs. While ’Herr’ means Mr.

Norwegians communicate in a direct, simple and transactional language. They embrace egalitarianism which is based on Jante’s law.  The perception of this law is about humility and being modest when presenting themselves or communicating to a visitor! Despite this, they expect one to behave responsibly; also criticize where necessary and thoroughly scrutinize the person or business background. They too strike rapport with concerned parties, although it takes time due to their nature of being cautious in every decision they make.

Appointments are time bound; hence punctuality is given first hand priority. Primary focus should be on the subject matter. Any deviation from the real target might cause irreparable damage to the anticipated ‘vital catch.’ Your presentation for example, charts must be backed with coherent arguments. 

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