The Natural Juice Company aims at being the leading provider of healthy and highly nutritious smoothie juices at a consumer friendly price.

The Natural Juice Company is charged with the primary objective of offering its customers high quality, delicious and healthy natural juices. The company emphasizes the provision of healthy alternatives to fast food. The company also aims at creating high profits for the purpose of meeting its all financial obligations. Customers will also be served equally, without discrimination on any basis whatsoever.

The business name is Natural Juice Company, and it will be selling different flavors of juice: orange juice, mango juice and special cocktail juice. Moreover, the business will be located in Quai du Mont Blanc, near Pont du Mont Blank, in Geneva. Its premises will be located on an area of 25 square meters. It will start in the form of sole proprietorship, but will advance with time to a more complex venture. As far as a strategic plan is concerned, the business has a vision of becoming public in the future. Initially, production will only take place in the premises in Quai du Mont Blank. Besides, customers will also be served in the premises. However, with time, the business is expected to decentralize its operations to other regions. In summary, the business concept is all about making 100% juice from natural fruits, and selling it to clients. Raw materials will be purchased locally, but during off-peak seasons, they will be imported. Strategies of establishing reliable suppliers will be undertaken to ensure that the company receives quality fruits for the longest time possible. With the help of good refrigerators that can keep the raw material fresh for months we hope to minimize the cost of having to import them as much as possible. However, the company does not intend to undermine the quality and standards of our products by trying to keep costs down. Quality comes first and that’s why we will have to seek supplies from other countries during some seasons of the year.

It is imperative to note that smoothie juice has a wide range of application; it can be even used by children and diabetic people, unlike the case with other carbonated drinks, which are harmful for health. This is because smoothie is a sugar free and diet juice. This provides smoothie juice with a good competitive advantage over other juice brands. This is because, with the current trends, people are much more concerned with their health rather than mere refreshment. As such, there has been a shift from such carbonated drinks as sodas to fresh fruit juices. This is because in addition to refreshment, fresh fruit juices have a high nutritional value. The shift in favor of smoothies has also been boosted by the fact that medical practitioners have been increasingly advising their patients to take fresh fruit drinks regularly in order to avoid some serious medical complications, which are caused by deficiencies of some nutrients in the body. In fact, there has been a considerable shift in the medical field from drugs to the natural way of healing. In this regard, doctors encourage people to make some fruits a part of their diet, as a preventive measure against diseases. Customers will also have an option of adding cook oats and nuts that are well known for slowing down the absorption of fruit sugars into the blood stream. This will serve those who care more about their health than refreshment and ensure that this category of customers is also reached. The menu will also notify customers that they could have their natural juices mixed according to their preferences at a slightly higher price. This will help in tailor making our products to suit different customers and hence create a strong brand loyal customer base.

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At the initial stages, the company will only produce mango juice for testing the market. Mango juice has been chosen as a prototype partly because it is cheaper to make. However, two other flavors, orange and cocktail special, will be availed. More specifically, the company targets children, diabetic people and health conscious people. In this regard, produced juices will have a low fat content of 0.3 % and more vitamin content. This is especially suitable for diabetic people. Vitamins, besides having a medicinal value, are essential for body growth.

The Natural Juice Company will first produce for individual consumers and then for small and medium enterprises. Business premises will be established on the territory of 25 square meters. This space is sufficiently large for efficient production of smoothies, bar area, as well as a small seating and standing area for clients. The company will also purchase all necessary equipment required for the production of smoothies, as well as refrigerators and freezers, at the total cost of CHF 10,000. Additionally tables and chairs will be bought at the price of CHF 10,000. Moreover, electricity bills and cleaning costs are estimated to amount to CHF 1,000 per month in total. Additionally, the company will incur labor costs to pay employees hired on part time or full time basis. The final cost is the cost of raw materials that are used to make smoothies.

As a start-up business, the company will require competent and skillful people, who have experience in this industry. Furthermore, the company will struggle to maintain a highly skilled personnel rather than just a large pool of incompetent employees. In this regard, it will embrace a stringent hiring policy, whereby people will be hired on merit basis. Such issues as ethnicity or race will not enter hiring decisions of the company. Moreover, employees will be hired on either full time or part time basis, depending on the type of the task they have been hired to perform. This will help the company further reduce the cost of production. The company also considers hiring a marketing head, who will advise on marketing issues. The marketing head will also be required to gather relevant data in the market viz. competitors’ strategies and consumer preferences. Furthermore, the marketing head will help the company identify market segments, where more efforts should be taken and also the most potential segments. He or she will also deal with issues of branding and packaging to appeal to clients. Finally, the marketing head will be expected to advice the company on the best pricing strategies, when to give discounts, and who to give discounts.

Besides, the company will hire a specialized and licensed quality expert, who will ensure that the production process conforms to the set standards. The quality expert will also ensure that hygiene is keenly observed during the production process to avoid contamination. He will also ensure that the content of our smoothies is appropriate to our clients, who are mostly children and diabetic people. Other professionals to be hired include: production head, finance head, IT and technology head and planning head, whose job profiles have been discussed herein.

Furthermore, one person will be hired in the capacity of a cleaner. He will ensure that the production place is hygienic, and that quality will not be compromised. Moreover, the cleaner will ensure that some production equipments are clean and in good working condition. He will also ensure that customer’s chairs and tables are clean and function properly. Finally, the cleaning person will be responsible for arranging architectural plants in premises in a manner that will attract customers.

  • Training and development programs for employees to equip them with the best and relevant juice preparation skills;
  • Sound marketing strategies directed towards achieving a wide range of loyal customers;
  • Proper management and coordination of the work place to ensure that workers are not only equally treated, but also motivated;
  • The creation of a conducive business environment that facilitates innovation;
  • Maximum customer satisfaction through high quality products.

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