The incorporation of Apple Inc. Company was in January 3, 1977, along with its subsidiaries. The company’s main business is to design, manufacture and market mobile communication and media equipments. In addition, the company is in business of portable digital music players and personal computers. From the company’s profile, Apple Inc. markets and sells a wide variety of related software, peripherals, networking solutions, services and third-party digital content and applications. In the information technology market, the company’s products and services include iPad, iPhone, iCloud, Mac, Apple TV, and a wide range of accessories, support offerings and services. The information technology market has in the recent past received increased competition, especially in terms of innovation of products. For this reason, it is necessary for the competitors in the field to come up with various ways to improve the company performance. Apple Inc. Company has exhibited excellent performance with outstanding outcomes. This is evident through the company’s ever growing sales and popularity of products and services.

Analysis in the business performance reveals various approaches management employs to ensure positive outcomes. This study paper seeks to explore the relationship between group mechanisms Apple Inc. Company employs to ensure the achievement of its goals and objectives. In this case, the focus will be on group mechanisms, such as teams and company performance. The top management of Apple Inc. relates the company’s outstanding performance to the efficient correlation of group mechanisms, like team work. This study paper provides an in-depth analysis in to the company’s relationship of group mechanisms and company performance. More so, the paper will establish the influence of company’s culture on the above stated relationship.

Relationship between Group Mechanisms such as Teams and Company Performance

Group mechanisms in companies are instrumental in the increased company performance. In Apple Inc. Company, the most notable group mechanisms include teams in every aspect of management. Apple markets its products and services on an international level via its retail stores, direct sales force, online stores, together with third party cellular network carriers, retailers, wholesalers and resellers. This kind of arrangement requires considerable aspect of cohesiveness in the operations of the company. Management puts substantial emphasis on the teamwork objective, in order to ensure smooth operation and functioning of the company. Group mechanisms, such as teams, can be present at all levels of company’s management. The most noteworthy aspect is the formation of teams which work together. Apple Inc. designs, manufactures and sells various products and services of the information technology related field. This means that there exist various departments in the company and, hence, the need for teamwork. Organization should be developed from the basic level of the company to the top most level. Different departments in the design, manufacturing, and marketing have to work together so as to come up with a better product for its customers (Murray, Poole & Jones, 2006).

From the companies’ excellent performance, it is almost evident that there is an excellent correlation between group mechanisms in Apple Inc. The business has branches and subsidiaries operations in five subdivisions, namely; Europe, America, Retail, Asia-Pacific and Japan. All these segments cover almost the entire globe, hence, constant supply of the company’s product worldwide. Teams can be amongst employees, top management, branches, departments and even within the market. This co-ordination and teamwork ensures the company remains relevant in the market while at the same time meets its customers’ ever-growing needs. The perspective of a teamwork and other group mechanisms has been responsible for the company’s constant improved performance.

Company’s performance calls for integration of various aspects of company management and operation. Analysts reveal the relationship between leaders and employees in the company. For the company to post excellent performance, it is necessary that there would be a culture of teamwork, especially between leaders and employees. Top performing, highly motivated employees are the outcome of attentive, focused, and confident leadership. This influence cuts across all sectors of the company. Apple Inc. leadership has been instrumental in offering employees with opportunities for success through the provision of clear direction and consistent follow-up. The company prides in excellent goal setting aspects starting with top leaders. Top management creates, monitors, and promotes team and individual goals which align with the company’s mission. In any management, a company without worthy, realistic and measurable objectives will always lead to poor performance. However, Apple Inc. ensures there are excellent team objectives amongst different department which make up the business. On the other hand, group mechanisms outline time and objective reviews, which constantly monitor the company’s performance. Outstanding management frequently ensures completion of formal and informal performance evaluations which are free of personal feelings and biases. In this case, teams between employees and leaders will ensure the excellent performance of the company. Evaluations will measure both group and individual performance of employees which will be a clear reflection of the company’s performance (Thompson & Choi, 2006).

Teams will also enhance the company’s performance because of its aspect of problem-solving. Leaders in Apple Inc. exhibit independence, objectivity, resourcefulness, efficiency and initiative; in the event of problems people can solve them easily. Understanding capabilities and personalities of employees allows management to thoughtfully delegate work, intelligently accept or reject team assignments, and decisively give power to the individuals under their charge. Good leadership will avoid team members and employees to get over their heels and accept challenges presented. Group mechanisms put emphasis on the aspect of credit sharing and accountability among colleagues. Under group mechanisms, employees will be more willing to put in extra time and effort. Top management of Apple Inc. fosters significant impact of teamwork, shares the credit for achievements and takes accountability for failures. This is usually the underlying principle of group mechanisms in companies. Several considerations need exploration in the examination of relationship between teams and management. The importance and magnitude, the existence of teamwork and company performance will be critical (Rubinstein & Kochan, 2001).

Modification of Group Mechanisms by Company’s Culture

There are several elements, which form totally innovative company; a winning overall business strategy focused innovation strategy, talent and deep customer insight. Besides, companies need to have the proper capabilities to attain successful execution. Most significant than any of the individual components, therefore, is the role of corporate culture in in Apple Inc. The corporate culture means self-sustaining patterns of the company’s behaving, believing, feeling and thinking, and combining all the components. Information reveals that companies with poor strategic configuration and unsupportive cultures underperform their competitors considerably. More so, most top managers understand what is at stake, and what matters even, though their companies do not always seem to get the aspect right. The main focus of this segment will be on Apple Inc. organizational culture which has enormous influence on the company’s performance. Apple Inc. is an international computer manufacturing corporation that is undergoing several changes in its organizational culture and its organizational structure. Several events and occurrences in the recent past have led to transformations of the company’s organizational culture. Apple Inc. Company grew extremely fast, presenting the management team with challenging operations and financial control. For this reason, the company has re-evaluated and redesigned the previous organizational culture and structure, in order to beat competitors.

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Apple Inc. exhibits changing organizational structure and culture which helps maintain an excellent company performance. The underlying principle of this company culture is to outperform and succeed in their principal goals and objectives. This culture has substantial influence on the group mechanisms applicable in the company. The organizational culture has equally changed to make Apple Inc. a more competitive business in the information technology field. However, there has been a need for the company to undergo various changes, in order to remain relevant in the business. The culture of Apple Inc. bases on an idyllic that self-motivated employees and leaders work harder, if they do not have an employer micromanaging every action. The company has a unique culture which allows and reacts more rapidly to changes than any other competitor company. The main reason for this culture in Apple Inc. is that management can easily engage in new projects quicker than competitors because of the low competition. According to Apple Inc. management corporate headquarters has the responsibility of creation of policies, while the domestic employees engage in the implementation of laws. Top management oversees the development of policies and the other levels of management concentrating on the execution (Colquitt, Lepine & Wesson, 2009).

The only way in to make it possible will be through the observation of group mechanisms. Apple Inc. makes this possible through the implementation of top-down management that promotes company performance. The culture allows for quick responsiveness and resolutions to complex market situations, hence, improved performance. From the above discussion and information concerning Apple Inc., it is evident that group mechanisms and culture influence the company’s performance. Aspects, such as team work in Apple Inc, have ensured the company remaining at the top of the game in the information technology field.

What is an Effective Way of Developing and Managing Teams?

Teams undergo development and management using several strategies put up by the company’s organization. A team made up of a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. Apple Inc Company or team applies several strategies through recognized supervisors, company’s managers and staff in general. Apple Inc 6 Company requires several strategies to manage and develop its organization, as discussed below.

The company needs to establish its objective, which enables a well-established and developed organization, thus, enabling a smooth running of its day to day activities. By working as a team, Apple Inc 6 Company needs to establish and define its objectives, so as to achieve the desired objectives and demands. The company needs to define its performance objectives with workers, and to make sure that team members understand every few objectives put in place and effective actions needed to be taken to achieve them. With the establishment of these objectives, Apple Inc will be able to develop and manage company’s teams effectively, thus, boasting its expectations to a higher level.

On the other hand, the Apple Inc Company needs to develop a participatory style for effective management and developing its teams. By developing a participatory style, the company manages to encourage its staff to carry out stipulated duties. The company encouraged staff suggest effective ways to boast the provided services. The company needs listen clearly to the staff’s ideas and later acknowledge their raised points of views. The Apple Inc 6 company should encourage its staff to discuss openly emerging issues and provide or find a solution together. By applying this strategic measure, Apple Inc 6 Company will manage to develop teams within the company’s organization (Bruns, 1992).

The Apple Inc 6 Company needs to focus on contributions made by the staff in general to manage effectively and develop teams within the organization. The Company needs to define effectively objectives by having all the staff members actively contribute to the meeting, which introduces team members to ways they can participate in company’s activities. The staff’s focus on contributions in a particular meeting, which enables Apple Inc 6 company to develop effectively and manage teams within the organization of the company.

Another effective way of developing and managing teams within the Apple Inc 6 company is through organizing several meetings within the company’s staff. The company needs to hold regular meetings with the whole staff during supervisory visits. During the supervisory meetings by the Apple Inc 6 company, issues relating to supervisory and clinical objectives should be discussed to encourage discussions of staff concerns, in order to work as a team. The organized meetings within Apple Inc 6 Company encourage the development and management of teams within the company.

Apple Inc 6 Company needs to organize teams within its organization, in order to define responsibilities and roles together. Every staff individual should possess clear roles and duties, as assigned by the company’s organization; thus, the staff will experience less feeling of frustration, thus, become more willing to work together. The Apple Inc 6 company’s staff need to agree on who within the organization will assume leadership roles for different team activities. This encourages the Apple Inc 6 company to develop and manage teams within the organization.

On the other hand, Apple Inc 6 Company needs to explain rules and regulations to its staff for effectively developing and managing teams within the organization. There is the need to discuss all standards and norms that have been established by the organization, for developing and managing teams, thus, offering required or expected services. There is the need to explain the rationale for rules and be ready to problems as a team and further be ready to discuss in details their implications in the day-to-day practices.

Apple Inc 6 Company, on the other hand needs to promote team responsibilities as an effective way of developing and managing teams within the company’s organization. The company should encourage team members to take responsibilities for completing specified tasks to solve emerging problems as a team. The company will further introduce rewards to the team, if the entire team meets its desired objectives. By promoting team responsibilities within the organization, the Apple Inc 6 Company develops and manages teams within the organization.

The company or organization, on the other hand, needs to establish time commitments within the staff to effective manage and develop teams within the organization. There should be a schedule on when and how each team members devote time to work as a team. The company should determine, if team work requires other staff to take on extra work and obtain their commitments. The company should monitor the actual and planned time to clarify all adjustments in the appropriate schedule.

Is the Company under the Consideration Using these Methods?

By the use of above methods of effective ways of developing and managing teams, the Apple Inc 6 company has managed to gain something of value by working in teams. Teams within the organization or company have encouraged the sharing of leadership roles, thus, creating a well-established company, thus allowing smooth operations among staff members. Developing and managing teams within the Apple Inc 6 company using the effective ways, encourages the company to develop its own scope of work, thus, allowing the sharing of duties and roles. Teams created within the organization allow team schedule work to be effectively done through the commitment to the taking of time allocated to do work.

The effective methods applied within the Apple Inc 6 company in developing and managing teams within the organization, encourages the company to develop tangible work products where the staff become mutually accountable for work products. The Apple Inc 6 company undergoes considerations by applying effective ways of developing and managing teams within the organization. Methods become of considerable use to the company’s operation, thus, developed and managed teams become of substantial benefit to the company. Teams manage to establish a favourable environment through established rules and laws that govern the day to day company’s operations (Beyerlein & Beyerlein, 2009).

Apple Inc 6 as a multinational corporation creates computer software, commercial servers and consumer electronics are in consideration using the above methods of effectively developing and managing teams within the organization by promoting well-established teams.

The company’s overall performance is based on the achievement of team products within the company. The Apple Inc 6 a renowned company for the creation of computer software’s and computer electronics has managed to solve problems emanating from the company through team discussions, thus, the ability to solve problems. With emerging issues within the organization or company, the company is in consideration by applying effective ways of developing and managing teams, which assists in solving problems by providing possible solutions. The Apple Inc 6 company teams improved the structure and form of leadership, thus, effective roles and responsibilities assigned to different teams within the company. In conclusion, the Apple Inc 6 company, which creates consumer, electronics to its customers by applying effective ways of developing and managing teams has managed to reach higher standards, thus, achieves desired goals and objectives.

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