IDEO method cards contain fifty-one cards that represent various design ways that designers can use to understand their clients. They are useful in making different design methods accessible to users as well as explaining how the methods can best be used. Additionally, the cards demonstrate samples of how they have been applied to real projects. IDEO method cards are the only interior design cards that offer clients a vast variety of accessible design methods that designers can use in making unique quality designs for their clients.

Design specialists conceive IDEO method cards as research tools for their clients and designers to be used in facilitating design initiatives. Specialists can use these designs in various ways; as assortment, browsed documents or for inspirations to design teams. IDEO was inspired by playing cards into making these design cards. They classify the cards in four suits: Ask, watch, learn and try. The suits define the activities required for every method. These cards amaze clients, because they keep evolving with time. As new design methods develop, the cards do too, hence ensuring that the deck grows and evolves with time.

Yolo Colorhouse provides the classic example of how designers can use the IDEO method cards to transform a client's home. Yolo Colorhouse's slogan is that they believe the world is capable of being more colorful, with little violence. Yolo Colorhouse specializes in making interior designs look heavenly by specializing in interior paint and primers, pain basics, trend colors, color palettes, architectural photos and paint samples. The paint in Yolo Colorhouse contains no carcinogens, hazardous air pollutants, mutagens, depleting compounds or organic compounds, hence provides excellent paint hide with durability. The colorhouse's designs contain harmonious color pallets that make it easy for clients to choose one that appeals to them most. 

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Customer Journey Map

The first step in to be made in making the design decision is engaging with the customer. A customer should be engaged through various methods such as adverts. At this point, it is vital to respect the clients and to use various empathy tools during advertisements. Engaging with a client is the first step meaning that it will most probably leave the client with a lasting impression. 

After creating awareness, the next thing to do is to research on the product. The customer needs to learn about the product before deciding on whether to purchase or not. Research can be done through reading materials, visiting the retails or asking friends who know about the product. It is vital to get honest and unbiased reviews about the product. After a thorough research, a customer may decide to buy the product if he feels that it will meet his needs, and the price is affordable. This is when the customer decides on whether to go to shop and talk to a sales person. The sales person should be able to convince the client to purchase the product. In addition, the buyer needs to consider the taxes and other costs incurred during the purchase.

When the buyer finally decides to buy the product, he will consider several things such as item packaging. He needs to understand how to unpack the product when he gets home. Other issues that the customer requires to check are whether the numbers of customer service are included in the package. The customer journey map above explains how the customer contact can be improved every time during purchase.

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