Successful Segmentation Criteria

The CSUB student club needs to meet substantiality, identifiability and measurability, accessibility, responsiveness, and congruity since it is necessary to have a  clear market segment that is not only distinguishable, but is also the most profitable one. Moreover, the segmentation criteria are important in making sure that the club has the required resources for its business segments. Moreover, the criteria will make it possible for the club to access its targeted segments.

Market Segmentation Bases

In determining the best bases for market segmentation, the club needs to identify the target market. In this regard, it would be suitable for the club to choose a population with good understanding, which can afford and follow instructions as discharged for the usage. Moreover, the club needs to understand the environment, under which it operates.  The best approach is to study the tastes and preferences of the students so that to focus on their needs. Alternatively, the approach is aimed at offering best services, which fulfill the students’ needs. The other approach is detailed service description that is easy to understand and follow. Focusing on the usage rate, the club must offer the best quality and value to win the student’s confidence. To this end, benefits and usage rates become most appropriate bases to attract and retain students to the club.

In the geographical coverage, it is necessary to find out the tastes and preferences of the students and prices of the related products and services. There are certain residential locations, commuter and on-campus areas, which do not believe in the club’s services. Therefore, such geographical coverage would be wrong segments to focus on.

Descriptors for Market Segmentation

Benefits incorporate target segmentation descriptors/variables such as interest, awareness and preference. In this regard, cultural, social, individual, and physiographic factors affecting the students should be taken into account. For instance, cultural barriers can negatively affect the students’ tastes and preferences on services offered by the CSUB club. Moreover, the usage rate can be categorized as heavy, medium or light. For examples, individual students who want to socialize a lot may frequent the club activities and can be categorized as heavy users.

Analysis of Segmentation Strategy

Even though undifferentiated targeting is associated with products/services, which may not meet every student’s need, it can still be regarded as the best strategy to be used in the club. This is due to the fact that it facilitates mass production and distribution of the required products and services. As a result, one promotional approach is capable of yielding the required economies of scale. Moreover, it is associated with lower costs and prices, which are appropriate for many students.

Designing a Positioning Strategy

The following positioning strategy can be used by CSUB club to attract more students.

  1. CSUB student club’s attributes or benefits
  • high interacting learning, entertainment and socializing facilities;
  • price/quality-affordable to all;
  • the best quality application or use ;
  • learning, socializing, entertainment, out-door activities.
  1. Student users/Participants
  • incorporates students of all ages, both male and female;
  • students from different cultural backgrounds are invited;
  • students from all social classes are encouraged to join the club;
  • students from different religions are accepted in the club;
  • regardless of one’s values, interests and preferences, all students should participate in the club activities.
  1. Organization Class/Category
  • the club intends to instill the best associated values among students.
  1. Organization Competitors
  • CSUB club is a head of its competitors because it provides the best quality services to the students;
  • the club’s services are fairly priced, thus attracting more students.
  1. CSUB Emotional Bonds with Students
  • the club has a strong legacy of good leadership style and management;
  • the purpose of the club is to offer entertainment, for instance, dancing;
  • various dancing styles are used, which provide a lot of fun to the audience.

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