For effective growth, an organization ought to focus on customer satisfaction. Therefore, it should utilize business models that reduce challenges that customers and other stakeholders encounter in their dealings with this enterprise. The electronic market place has complicated the business environment, since customers can evaluate prices and quality of goods being offered by a variety of enterprises before reaching purchasing decisions. As such, a firm needs to utilize the nine business model building blocks in a manner that enhances its competitiveness among enterprises in a similar sphere. This calls on the management of the SOHO Art Gallery to utilize the IT environment in marketing its goods and services being offered in an appealing and cost-effective style (Henderson & Venkatraman, 1993).

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Successful Business-IT alignment necessitates the definition of an effective customer interface. This can enable an enterprise to establish productive links with its stakeholders, where they can share views regarding the future of trading activities. The resulting satisfaction facilitates cooperation and teamwork among stakeholders. In this regard, among short-term goals there is the provision of proper customer services while offering competitive prices. The business aims at continuing with the provision of competitive services at a reduced cost. Enterprise’s long-term goals are to win and retain a high customer base. The attainment of the strategic goal is facilitated by the effective utilization of the customer interface and infrastructure management. This paper evaluates the manner, in which the management of the SOHO Art Gallery ought to align the information technology platform with organization’s business strategic plans (Davenport, 1998).

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