Leadership can be described as a progression of societal manipulation where an individual acquires control and hold of others in the course of seeking a common goal. It is about having a way of influencing people to add value in something odd but positive that is likely to occur. Leadership entails being creative, organized and able to provide solutions to problems. A person may or not posses all qualities of a leader. Leadership is achieved either by working in a team, inspiring or empowering other people.

Jimmy Choo demonstrated his leadership skill at the age of 11 when he made himself a shoe. He was fond of crafting inspirational talks while cushioning them with actions. His first action was to design and come up with a unique shoe. After that, he was able to influence the society to buy it. He managed to progress his dreams when he opened a workshop in 1986 by leasing an old hospital structure. He was able to fully develop his craftsmanship and improve his designs. Soon people began to notice. Rapidly, he was at the edge of international prominence when his designs appeared in an eight page publication of the revered Vogue magazine. Soon he was able to get patronage from Princess Diana which additionally boosted his image internationally. His initial decision was to put his creations into action rather than just designing it (Holtz, 2008).

He has the ability to work with others. This is showcased by his co-founding of Jimmy Choo Limited Company with Tamara Mellon, a Vogue editor from Britain. The ability to work as a team is one of the character traits of a leader. He influences others to work towards achieving his goals. By this Choo, is able expand his businesses' market territories and influence more people. This has given him a chance to up with other products other than shoes (Northouse, 2009).

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Choo also has the ability to influence others as a good leader. As at now, he is occupied in a development project to come up with a shoemaking college back in his country Malaysia. This fully demonstrates the good characteristic of leadership by inspiring others. The institute will focus on inspiring other upcoming shoemakers and fashion artists. Choo's symbolic status habitually serves as a way to move others in making decisions. This will enable other budding shoemakers to adopt contemporary style and good works.

Additional characteristic of leadership is being able to empower. The chief executive of Jimmy Choo foundation, Tamara Mellon, has a vision by empowering women and changing their lives. She does this by being more accessible, researching, and working on establishing significant partnerships. Her dream is to make women to emancipate themselves and motivating them to have self esteem and to make bold choices in their lives. This is achieved by coming up with basic shoe designs and handbags (Marturano and Gosling, 2007).

In conclusion, Jimmy Choo and Tamara Mellon are able to combine all the vital character traits of good leaders to work with each other and to influence others. They improve their imaginations and invest albeit at high risks to execute their business decisions. This has resulted in leading by doing what other could not have imagined or dared to. They also manage to influence others to follow their leadership. Jimmy Choo's opening of a shoemaking institute to improve emerging shoe makers and set standards is a good example of leadership. Choo work has been recognized through various awards in the United Kingdom and Malaysia. He has been setting new standards in the shoe making industry as well as inspiring others through exemplary work ethic and proper use of influence in the society.

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