It is true that one of the major challenges facing Kimberly Electrical Supplies Limited is poor stock management. There are a lot of inefficiencies on the way the management of this organization handles its stock. However, I would like to give the following recommendations:

  1. There should be the establishment of a strong sales and marketing department. This should be equipped with a well trained to staff to effectively deal with all its activities. In order to help the organization deal with this problem, they should conduct an extensive marketing research in order to acquaint them with the prevailing market conditions. Hence, ascertaining the level of consumer demands will make it easier for them to know the right quantity of goods to produce, not to have a dead stock.
  2.  I would also like to recommend that there should be the construction of a well equipped spacious warehouse for the storage of stock purchased. As indicated in the case study, the current store is quite small and can not accommodate all the available stock especially when a high volume is purchased for re sale. This will help to ultimately eliminate this problem from causing havoc to this organization.
  3. Finally, I would like to recommend that for this company to perfectly manage its stock, it should employ adequate staff to handle the various sensitive products it deals with, without any problem. They should be knowledgeable on how to handle these equipments at all the times.

Recommendations to improve work schedule

Since Kimberly Electrical Supplies Limited is a small enterprise with only 22 employees, it has become a great challenge for it to design the most appropriate schedule for all the workers. Hence, in order to remedy this problem, I would like to give the following recommendations:

  1. The organization should consider recruiting additional staff. This will enable each of these employees to get time to do the good job. They will not be overworked because their duties are well planned.
  2. There should be a division of labor and specialization in this organization. Each and every worker should specialize on their own areas of expertise without unnecessarily being multitasked. As a result, employees such as Tim Seddon who are holding two different positions will get time to concentrate on one job. This will make them comfortable and improve the quality of their delivery.

Recommendations to improve handling of deliveries

 This case study indicates inefficiencies in handling delivery of Kimberly Electrical Supplies products to its clientele. However, in order to improve on this, I would like to give the following recommendations:

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  1. The purchasing section of this organization should be supplied with well trained personnel. These should properly handle the purchasing documents and operate delivery machines such as the fork lift. The way purchasing documents are traced in the delivery tracks indicates poor organization. Hence, modifications should be made to rectify the situation. This will minimize the persistent delays experienced so far.
  2. There should be a proper management of delivery machines. The fork lift machine used for off loading must be well maintained and repaired in case of any break down. This will improve its operations without interfering with the delivery processes. Moreover, it may be important if more of these machines are acquired to help in handling bulk products often purchased. In fact, the current folk lift seems to becoming obsolete. It should also be replaced with a new modern one.
  3. I would like to recommend that there should be alternative sources of power for the operation of this machine. It is really difficult for the organization to accomplish its objectives if it can not perfectly handle this department. So, instead of relying on only one energy source, more alternative sources like generators should be availed. Even if it may be an expensive affair, it will help to improve the reliability of services and pave way for expansion.

Recommendations to improve capacity utilization

Since one of the major goals for any business organization is to make profit, the management of Kimberly Electrical Supplies Limited must take the most appropriate steps to ensure that this is achieved. In order to improve on its out put, it is paramount for it to take the necessary steps. This will be in line with the following recommendations:

  1. There should be recruitment of more staff. Being an engineering firm, it is essential to hire experts each of who should be motivated. They should be given equal opportunities with none of them being overworked.
  2. This organization must embrace the concept of specialization and division of labor. Each of its workers should posses the right qualifications needed for their tasks. There should be no gambling and favoritism in awarding any job. If practices such as employing of family members to serve two different positions are stopped and professionalism adopted, Kimberly Electrical Supplies Limited will go far.
  3. There should be a construction of a modern warehouse. Meaning, it should be equipped both with competent personnel who can keep the records of products brought in and taken out of the store. At the same time, it should have properly maintained loading and offloading machines, accessibility, enough space and favorable conditions for the storage of commodities without any interference.
  4.  Finally, the fir should market its products to a wider section of the market. This will increase the number of its clients who will then consider it the best supplier and purchase from it. However, this will only happen it takes the necessary steps to improve the quality of its output by fully engaging and occupying its workforce.

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