Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture is a form of art that deals with all aspects of the human habitation of designed spaces. It is the process of designing the interiors of built structures or their modification   by altering or adding to them, so as to obtain a modified version of the structure, or a completely new and different one. This form of art has been of interest to me from birth given the fact that both of my parents were artists. Over time I have been able to gain and develop skills in this field, and have been able to see that architecture not only as a combination of art and technology but also as an expression of life and spirit of people. My aim is to open my own company where I am the main project designer. As such I have been able to come up with my mission statement and business plan in relation to this field.

Mission statement:

I am an interior designer who has a strong artistic background as both my parents were artists. I believe I have strong potential in this field. I know that there is a close connection between interior design and fine arts. Through my experiences I have been able to see the close synergy between the fields of interior design and architecture. I believe that given the chance my discovery will open up opportunities both professionally and artistically. As an artist and also an internal designer I want to be able to design structures for people that have meanings even though not perceived directly. I hope to make peoples life in the design space more pleasurable and comfortable, as well as to help them figure out where they are from the form of design.

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My vision is to create an interior design company that is able to express the life and spirit of people in the designs. As an interior designer, I have  studied subjects in the field of architecture such as building system, lighting system and the building code. I also have internship experience from Ellerbe Becket and hence have been able to draw few construction details. I am planning on undertaking a master's degree in architecture in order to study further interior design in a structural sense. I have experience also in installation art, sculpture and mural painting. Even though I am not qualified in marketing of the services I plan to employ at least two employees for this purpose I shall also employ two interior designers and an architect who shall work under me and will assist in the design process .But the final design shall be my own.

The company I plan to start deals with interior design with me as the sole owner and main project designer. My target markets include homes and offices.  The initial business capital will be raised from my personal savings, a small bank loan and also by borrowing from friends. Marketing of the services offered by the company will be done online on various websites and also by the marketing department of the company. I will supervise most of the design work during the projects that the company will undertake and also the management of the company.

Interior design has a very competitive market but the type of interior design that the company will be offering is different from what other companies will be offering. Due to the special design forms on offer. This type of designs will be more interesting and therefore it is expected to have a great number of customers after we launch the company who would like to have a taste of the new product. If the company becomes a success more designers and marketers shall be employed and the company will be expanded to a larger market into other types of building structures .Interior architecture would in time change and most of my artistic skills shall be put to good use.

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