Project Background

Toyota is a multinational Japanese maker of vehicles. This company has a worldwide market as a consumer of its goods. This company was fist founded by Kiichiro Toyada in 1937. In the recent past, this organization has incorporated several advanced techniques of handling different issues. This project proposal suggests the possibility of creating electric safety belts for the vehicles made Toyota. This is a highly topical Idea. Therefore, Toyota Company should work to implement this proposal. The link between the research carried out, and the proposal is that the research showed the increased accident rates and increase in the degree of harm caused by car accidents in every year. This project has a fantastic opportunity at Toyota because such a company cannot neglect such an idea which seeks to make it grow better. The car manufacturing industry is a darned critical area in the life of human beings since they are concerned with the safety of children who are travelling and the human beings at large (Gompert 2008).

Project Definition

In nature, the project seeks to propose electronic seatbelt to the Toyota car manufacturers. These seatbelts are exceptionally economical since they are made in recycled materials. The recycled materials also enhance environmental conservation, which is necessary in the formation of the current society. This seat belt closes automatically whenever a person sits, and it is automatically locked. This system may be tremendously advantageous to the company as a whole since it will increases the demand of the cars produced by the company. This is because, the consumers of Toyota products will get interested in the products that will be introduced with the incorporation of the electronic seat belt (Ettlie 2012). The use of electronic seatbelt also makes the consumers get a lot of interest. This is because each and every single person values their safety.

Project Aim

The main aim of proposing the use of electronic seatbelts is to increase the level of safety among the users of Toyota products; therefore, the importance of this proposal to Toyota cannot be overwhelmed. Secondly, this project also aims at enhancing the knowledge of electric of seatbelt. This proposed product in the company also has a positive aim to increase the range of the safety during the use of the vehicles made by this company. Also, an esteemed increase in the demand of the products produced by this company, which will successfully incorporate the proposed product in this proposal. Finally, the project has an aim to challenges the individuals into venturing into creative technological products in industries. This will be a hugely crucial step towards the development. The integration of technology into thee motor vehicle industry will improve the transport system in the United Kingdom. This project also seeks to sensitize the consumers of Toyota goods on the importance of using the electronic seatbelts. This is likely to be a potent factor leading to an increase in the sales made by Toyota, once its consumers are aware of the importance of using electronic seatbelt (Onkvisit 2009).

Project Scope

The decisions to dictate or limit the size of the project vary largely among the members of staff in the Toyota Company. The proposal calls for a lot of attention from the relevant departments in the Toyota Industry. This is a hugely busy company. Therefore, the applicability of the project would require a lot of coordination from all the relevant practitioners. These include; the quality assurance officers, the Chief executive officer, the procurement officers and the other appropriate measures to be taken. The nature of the project may be restricted by the extent to which people get convinced. Some consumers may perceive this proposed safety belt, and this may work to a very advantageous for the proposal and the company (Geenhuizen 2009). Also, the prevailing financial station of the company is also likely to accept the size of the project. If the project is implemented during the time flame that we have estimated, it is likely to find a challenge of money to finance the institution. A lot of capital is required as the initial supporter of the project of this proposal. Therefore, Toyota should consider r implementing this proposal at the best time (Huggins 2011).

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There could also be decisions that are likely to restrict the nature of the project of electronic seatbelts. This is because; the companies that have been supplying Toyota with seat belts in the recent past will lose their large market. The introduction of these new generation seatbelts is also likely to find a challenge due to its opposition by the government. This is because some of the people in the governments are conservatives and they do not like to see change occur. The greatest fear is that these individuals have a certain influence in the economy of United Kingdom. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that political interference against this proposal is likely to ensue (Steil 2002).

This project is complicated to have started with a well established company like Toyota. The proponents of this proposal should expect some resistance by the officials of Toyota since they like to use means that have been tested and approved. A lot of negotiation is required to help them to change their previously used seatbelt. Also, electronic seatbelts require a lot of skilled labour, which is frightfully expensive for Toyota as a company. Therefore, there are chances that this proposal may not get a positive feedback. The most noteworthy thing to do when introducing this proposal to Toyota is perfect timing of the season they are not experiencing financial constrains (McCain 2010).

Prerequisites and Assumptions

This proposal has made several assumptions. First and fore most, it has assumed that the company will have a 100% interest in buying this Idea. The reality is that this company may be cautious when it comes to introducing a new item s into their products. Also, the company may be slow into buying this Idea since it causes a significant change and difference between the recently produced Vehicles and vehicles to be produced after integration of this project into the Toyota Company.  Secondly, an assumption has been made concerning the financial status of the company. This assumption is due to the large sales that the company makes every Annum. The reality of the matter is that the world today is experiencing a serious economic crisis. This crisis has lead to the world economic recession. The recession has affected the performance of many companies since the economies of most countries is at a sorry state. In fact, most countries do not pay cash at hand for the goods imported from Toyota. Therefore, this assumption is likely to make the proponents of this project not to understand that the company may not be in a position to finance this project. Also, this project comes with payment of highly skilled specialists to make the electronic seatbelts (Müller 2011).


From the foregoing, it is certainly vivid and clear that this project will be a formidable landmark in the transport industry.  The introduction of electronic seatbelts into the transport Toyota will cause an improvement in the transport industry.  Therefore, it is necessary that the Toyota Company should consider integrating the features of their vehicles with modern technological innovations. This also has an impact in terms of the sales they are likely to make within a given time. This is because of the increased security that is enhanced by the use of electronic seatbelts.

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