January 14th 2008

I had just been hired by Coca Cola. I was nervous at the time since I knew my work would not be easy. However, since good things do not just come on a silver platter, I remained determined to succeed. The first few days marked my orientation period. The human resource manager introduced me to Ken, a fellow managerial economist. Ken was extremely supportive. He was happy showing me around and introducing me to some colleagues that I would be working with. After my one week of orientation, I had to work on my own. As a managerial economist, I had to work on tight schedules. I had to keep track of my diary so that I would not miss on key meetings.  At times, I found myself missing some crucial meetings. My departmental head would call me to her office. She would ask me to keep my schedules on check since meetings were as crucial as work.  This made me extremely nervous. I had to learn to manage my time perfectly.

February 1st 2011

I was working for Apple Inc. My experience at Coca Cola had given me a strong foundation on which I would build my career.  At Apple Inc, my work involved studying economic patterns at macro-level and then analyzing its significance to Apple Inc.  I had to build on my confidence. I would give reports in the presence of the Board of directors. Obviously, this had to be a report that depicted my significance in the organization. They would use this to make crucial decisions in the company. My work was boring sometimes. The manager was strict, and with her usual characteristic of reprimanding people, I thought I would not survive. Sometimes, my boss would ask me to assist in the planning process of the business. This was not an easy task. It involved a lot of research and focus. It gave a lot of anxiety. I kept asking myself questions. What if the Board of Directors rejects my plan? Will they fire me? However, with time I learnt how to cope. It was a good experience working with Apple since it was a lot different from my first experience with Coca Cola.

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