Second time around is a business entity dealing with used merchandise. It is a concern that sales used goods to willing customers. It is a company that promises quality and affordable results to customers. The company is capable of providing low cost with high quality products. The company is to provide any one service and products at any time.

The company is self reliant in terms of providing goods with an adequate source of consumer products. The company wishes to produce superior client satisfaction by maintaining the trust with customers. This will be done through continuous and efficient customer feedback analysis. The company expects a high return from the company through its affordable goods and prompts delivery of goods.

The company, through its well trained staff, will at all times in a position to make a true customer relationship. The company wishes to use its employees to be ambassadors of the company. The company, therefore, has fully informed staff in the area of merchandise. The company through its characteristic computer program in online trading is going to provide a variety of users can of view products from every part of the world. The company is also willing to improve the system with changing customer needs. Since the company is familiar with the authority, it is going to use link to improve the market. The competitors in the market do not have a fast connection with the market. The competitors rely on external information to answer needs whereas the company is going use the analogy with customers to improve our business and receive maximally. The only significant issue is the funds to implement most of our yet to implemented trading strategies.

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The difficulty of implementing our trading patterns can pose a problem. However, this can be solved through our commitment towards reaching our goal. The company is seeking funds to let us take a high quality implementation section. The company will be able to control the business of used products if sufficient funds are available. The company has a strong idea in the area of operation and, therefore, expects to take control of the market within a short period. The company wishes to operate in every state by the end of the year. The company expects to open stores across the entire locality to be array centre’s of the merchandise store.

The main purpose of the company is to generate revenue through harnessing the present possibility of used merchandise across the states. 

The company wishes to promote itself first during the first two months of operation. The company wishes plans to raise its market share in terms of customers selling to us by providing fair prices. The company will get directly from their homes or places of work instead of the bringing the items to us. This will strengthen our position. This will be an advantage since our competitors rely on the customer’s load.

Our staff will be divided into two sections. There will be those working on delivering the goods to customers and this buying from the seller. The employees with degrees in business administration and related specialists will provide a solid platform for the company to grow and prosper. The employees must also previous experience in online trading. In addition to these qualifications, the staff has experience in dealing with selling used goods. The employees are headed with quality managers and supervisors to make sure total dedication.

The company wishes to allocate its funds as follows;

I.Transport and logistics:$900

II.Marketing and advertising$560

III.Salaries and wages$1000

IV.Research and development@$790

V.Capital $23900

VI.Rent $1200

I, therefore, wish to call for an endorsement of funds for the proposal.

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