Hartman industries are considering and trying to come up with a hybrid quality management system. This will be a hybrid of two quality management systems. These include the ISO 9001 And the six stigma. The ISO includes decision making, problem making and improvements. Six sigma improves quality by reducing the flaws to 3-4 defects per million. The manufacturing process in Hartmann industries involves five phases. These include fabricating mold, distribution of invoices, mixing, molding and trimming (University of Phoenix, Inc 2009). 

This quality management will be of tremendous benefit to the industry. For starters, it will ensure that only quality products are produced from the industry. The steps in quality management ensure that there are no flaws in the steps undertaken in production. This aids in acquiring and maintenance of customers. Therefore, they will ensure continued profits for the industry. This is because the consumers will put their trust in the kind services that the firms offer. All the other competing shipping firms have to keep up with the services and the goods being provided by Hartmann industries.

Production of high quality goods also makes sure that a firm gains government support. This is extremely vital for the success of a business. In the first step, when the materials are being gathered, there should be a system whereby these materials are scanned and checked for flaws (Lupan 2005). The firm should make sure that they meet the required quality. This is because if the raw materials are of low quality, the end product will be of low quality, as well.


Existence of a quality management system is fundamental to the success of a business. This is because it builds customers' trust and keeps them coming back. Therefore, the business flourishes and keeps up with the competition. The hybrid of quality management systems adopted by Hartmann industries is vital for its survival and success.

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