The company Shoppers Drug Mart is a pharmaceutical chain with its headquarters in Canada.  This company has several drug stores named Pharmaprix, and others under the name Shoppers Simply Pharmacy, performing retail trade. Shoppers Drug Mart operates several Shoppers Home Health Care stores that engage in the sale and servicing of medical equipments and devices that are useful in healthcare within institutions and among individuals. In addition, the stores engage in various home-care products sale. Other retail networks include the Shoppers Drug Mart Specialty Health Network Inc., which engages in the distribution of special drugs and support services for patients, and the MediSystem Technologies Inc., which supplies long-term care facilities with products and services of pharmaceutical sphere.

Murray Koffler, a Toronto pharmacist, founded the company Shoppers Drug Mart in 1962. Financial reports about the company indicate an estimated sum of 10.5 billion dollars in terms of sales in 2011. This level of sales brings the company to the place of one of the leading drug retailers in Canada, and a key player in the provision of pharmaceutical services. To expand its market share, Shoppers Drug Mart has been aggressively engaged in the establishment of the over-the-counter medications facilities, provision of health and beauty services, cosmetic and fragrances products and services, and other institutional and household essentials. Most of the Shoppers Drug Mart stores operate until 10 PM or mid-night, although some remain open for 24 hours.

Shoppers Drug Mart has a card program known as Shoppers Optimum. It allows customers to redeem points accumulated through by making purchases within the company’s stores. The program enables customers to accumulate 10 points for every dollar spent. It excludes purchases on lottery, tobacco products and passes among other spending. The company has a refund and exchange policy that aims at achieving customer satisfaction. The company’s main competitors include Loblaw and Wal-Mart, which have been lately expanding into pharmacy. 

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