Starbucks Corporation was incorporated in 1971. This organization has been roasting high quality Arabica coffee with stalls all over the globe presently. The company is always dedicated to excellence and ethics. Starbucks Corporation has also been helping the communities and small business enterprises in the regions where it operates. This paper looks into some of the socially responsible contributions the organization has done.

Starbucks has entered in to so many partnerships with charitable organizations. This organization has also supported the communities and coffee farmers in different countries all over the world. For example, there are Farmer Support Centers in countries like Costa Rica, Rwanda and many others which were established to help coffee farmers through trainings and seminars to facilitate production of better quality coffee and at a lower cost. Farmers also enjoy Soft Loan facilities from the organization to cater for some of the farming costs before the harvests are ready.

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In the United Kingdom, Starbucks has also joined hands with the leading charity organization; The Prince’s Trust, to help change the lives of many young and needy citizens by training them, offering financial help and mentoring them. The organization has also partnered with National Literacy Trust to transform the lives of many such youths.

In 2005, Starbucks Corporation acquired Ethos. This brand of bottled water has since been known to help fund water projects all over North America. This brand  has also been advertised with a phrase aimed at urging people to help children get access to clean water. Each $0.05 in every bottle going for $1.80 is directed to clean water projects. Also, the organization runs a line of fair trade products. In fact, during this year, the organization was ranked the largest purchaser of Certified Fair Trade Coffee in northern America. Indeed, Starbucks has done so much in the form of corporate social responsibility.

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