Starbucks company analysis takes us through its positive strategies. These strategies guide it towards success. The company deals in many products. It is expanding at a fast rate. It offers services that are high standard no wonder it succeeds.

Strategic Analysis

Just like any company, Starbucks’ main aim is to increase profit and dominate the market. In a bid to establish its goal, the company put down a number of strategic plans. One main backbone of the company in succeeding is opening of new stores. This plan opens new markets for Starbucks and hence more sales. Opening of new stores also boosts convenience because customers find it easy and faster in finding products they need.

Another strongly winning point for Starbucks is its effort to satisfy customer needs. It does this by ensuring that the services it offers are customer friendly and convenient. Starbucks normally train its employees before it assigns them a duty. This is done in a bid to serve customers welldecent. Starbucks also emphasizes the value on its employees. It is a highly respected company due to this. It compensates its employees exceptionally well. The company pays well because it believes that working conditions for the employees should be the best.

The company also boosts its income by investing in other corporate facilities. This is to maintain a steady growth by the company and increase more areas of exploration in external market. The company believes that one way of making growth is by expanding into other countries ((Bussing, 2009).

Analysis Result

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Introduction of new retail stores increased the total revenue. This calculation came so, upon combining the sales of the existing and new stores. The company realized a net revenue value of more than 12 million dollars in 2005. Recent developments made the company expand to constructing new brewing facilities and machines for making espresso. The new stores opened helped the company to enter into new grounds. This has helped it bag in more and more profit. The company is fast expanding its branches. The good treatment of employees has boosted their productivity because the employees are encouraged to give their best.

Weak Points

The company has oversaturated the market with its products. It sells expensive products. Sometimes, there is financial constraint in some branches. The company lacks diverse music selection. Sometimes it is challenging to relate well with the coffee growers.

Prospects and Threats

Starbucks still has greater opportunities to invest in new territories across the world. It also has the chance to invest in products that have not yet been exploited like health drinks. The company faces competition from other investors. These include restaurants, coffee shops and other food companies.


Starbucks should ideally start investing in organic foods and health drinks. It can also expand delivery services to offices and homes. This should be done when the company services reach an optimum level.  Starbucks should also consider a serious expansion of its territory internationally. It boasts of domestic success yet some external fields are still ripe (Bussing, 2009).


Starbucks is a multinational company that deals majorly in coffee products. It also deals in other universal consumables. The company put in place certain strategies that catapult it towards winning in many areas. These strategies have yielded benefits. New areas are recommended for exploration by the company.

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