Theatrical productions like all other businesses require a comprehensive and implementable plan to enable the owners create a viable business. The plan is also used as a proposal to attract funding from potential investors and is referred to a business plan or proposal. Generally, theatrical productions involve producing a play, comedy, drama or musical in a theater stage from a written script. Therefore, it incorporates various people, situations or sets and costumes. The business has decided to produce a theatrical production known as the Stomp Show Production. In terms of the business’ products, the Stomp Show will feature a combination of movement, percussion and visual comedies (Lunchbox Theatrical Productions Limited par.1).

Primarily, the business will perform comedies and other short films. To gain competitive advantage, the product involves a mix of musicals and comedies as most Boston theaters feature individual theatrical productions. The business is also new and offering a new theatrical mixture in addition to superb actors and hence will attract many people. Additionally, the business will adopt the Stomp Show Productions business name which will attract more people by the business’ association to the famous Stomp Shows. The product will benefit the Boston people as the production will provide a new and exiting offer in terms of interactive and funny theatrical productions. Generally, the shows will cost $40 for adults and $20 for children per show.

Organization and Management

Effective management of the human resource is of vital importance for any business venture to achieve its goals and objectives. Essentially, theatrical productions are conducting as team operations and therefore success is dependent upon all parties making their best contributions to the team (Farber xiii). The staff will be composed of a producer, who will be responsible for acquisition of finances, directing operations and hiring the rest of the staff. Other personnel will include actors, stage managers, lighting and sound technicians in addition to support personnel such as secretaries, stage hands, ushers, janitors and security officers.

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The producer will be the head of the entire business. He will be assisted in business operations by three stage managers, one directing the musical and comedies while the other two will be in charge of costumes and managing the employees while assisting in directing the production. The business will require a theater license which will lay out guidelines and specifications from government authorities including fire authorities and the police, environmental health and building standards authorities. Legally, the business will be in form of a sole proprietorship where the producer will be the owner of the business. However, the business will be open to a partnership after one year in production to the three stage managers.


Since stage managers are largely in control of the physical stage areas including lighting, props, sound and scenery, stage managers needed will be required to possess qualifications in the associated fields (Wise geek par.1-2). In addition to qualifications in stage management, the stage managers will be required to have experience in musicals and comedies. Primarily, the three managers will be responsible in recording all instances of prop usage and costume changes, blocking, lighting cues as well as entrance performances of the actors. In conclusion, the Stomp Show Production will provide a new and refreshing mix of theater productions and is bound to attract lots of potential clients. The effective flow of operations will be facilitated by the stage managers. 

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