Unity in a business organization is the basis of that determines the destiny of that particular company. It is difficult for a person to manage a whole organization alone. Such a person may end up performing poorly since they might not have the necessary skills. It is now wonder that most business organizations incorporate different individuals to head departments. This brings in a variety of talents.

Unity removes the aspect of dictatorship in a business organization. This may be compared with the epic of Gilgamesh where Gilgamesh is a very cruel leader at first. He goes miles into oppressing his subjects with subjective rules which happen to be very punitive. This only makes him to lose popularity with the subjects and the gods themselves. The gods here may be compared with the shareholders who appoint the directors of a company. The directors in turn appoint the management to oversee the activities of the company on their behalf. If the management becomes cruel to the workers, the workers become motivated and this may result into low profit margins continually. The shareholders thus must ensure that unity in the organization prevails by appointing persons to check on the activities of the management so that the leadership does not become dictatorial.

Unity also leads to performance in an organization. In the epic, we first see a setting where all individuals are forced to do things not because they want to but because they have been imposed on them. The individuals then appeal to the gods who come to their rescue by sending Enkidu to come and check on Gilgamesh’s excesses. They two at first each other in opposition and although Gilgamesh wins, the two become very good friends. They unite against various enemies such as humbaba and the bulls. This strengthens the kingdom further unlike when Gilgamesh was going on it alone. It is therefore important that business organizations are led by various individuals with different talents. This way, they should be able to succeed unlike when a specific group of professionals is chosen to lead the organization. This should also be the same for departments within the organization. This should be the reason why organizations should have a person in charge of each department and someone to deputize him or her.

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Unity also brings about consultation in a business organization. Business requires a lot of decisions to be made. These are the decisions that are pertinent and whose importance cannot be overemphasized. Decision making should not rest on a few individuals only. In the case of the epic, we find Gilgamesh and Enkidu consulting on a variety of issues. This is when they are able to defeat monsters and the bull. The sun also comes in to help them. Unity therefore brings in a variety of opinions which ultimately lead to success. This should be enough to see the business going to greater heights.

Unity also prevents against misuse of power. We see the kind of oppression that Gilgamesh has at first. He goes to the extent of raping women and girls. He also uses his power to exert forced labor on his subjects. This is cruelty and it only makes him unpopular. It also brings his kingdom under threat from various enemies. This only changes when Enkidu is sent by the gods to work with him. Misuse of power in the modern world brings in a lot of corruption in corporations and businesses. It also leads them to making of huge loses. This should be prevented through appointment of persons who are ready and willing to reverse this.


It is however not good to rely so much on certain individuals in business. This is because the departure of such persons may deal a heavy blow on the operations of the company. The death of Enkidu means a lot for the people of Uruk. It also sends the king, Gilgamesh into a period of mourning.

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