The Hotel Escargo is a business hotel situated in OsakaJapan. It has both Japanese and western styled rooms for guests. Observations on Hotel Escargo based on the hotel needs and rank in the order of importance are ranging from service quality to the menu offered to the hotel customers (Wadsworth, Stephens & Blanton, 2001). The rooms are affordable and clean. This hotel has a modern feel. Excellent service is very essential in all hospitality industries. In this regard, it is necessary for the front Hotel service to display good impressions by knowing what to do most of the time when dealing with customers.

Excellent guest service is the major priority, which is needed. There are various areas that Hotel Escargo can improve in order to make its services better.  Check out and checks in systems in the rooms are to be upgraded and given priority. There should be good room service; newspaper delivery and automated teller machine (ATM) are required. In addition, the following facilities for the hotel need more review: baggage storage, beverage area, concierge desk, elevators, gift shop, laundry services, lounge, luggage hold, multi-lingual staff, news stand, audio visual equipments, business centre, and express mail services to the customer (Khan, 2011). The list presents certain needs that the Hotel Escargo has to review in order of priority as stated from the first to the last. 

The detailed chart bellow shows the current hotel check out process when the guest stay time at the hotel  is over to the time the guest are living the hotel.  The check in check out system must be improved and the system is implemented by the rooms division (Wadsworth, Stephens & Blanton, 2001). This is to avoid the current insufficient system which is not good for both the staff and guests. The improvement of this process is going to provide very convenient and efficient service for customers.            

Quality management in the hotel escargot needs to be improved greatly. This includes the customer service and the process of checking in and out in the hotel. Time wastage and delays are to be reduced.  In continuing quality management in these areas to the nature and quality of food, the Hotel Escargo needs to implement major six steps of quality improvement (Farnun, 1993). The reason for this is that quality cost measurement always calculates cost related to the process of producing and selling products and services. More appropriate way in which quality can be measured is by using word processing and excel.

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There are various areas of the Hotel Escargo that should be improved within the first three to six months. These include the customer service, quality of service and modernization of the operations. These areas provide the immediate hotel transformation strategy standards since they incorporate customer needs. The first implementation step is a choice of what to be measured. For this hotel review, it is the customer service process. Evaluating the cost of carrying out this business is necessary so that the value that can be impacted in the business is evaluated. Management must observe the nature of the food quality from minor provisions to the main dish. More effective way for the successes of this process is ensuring good process of customer reception and check out process.

The feedback from employees in the hotel is done so that management can know the gaps, which required to be filled since it is these employees who are directly involved with customers.  A survey or teamwork may be applied to actualize this exercise. This will enable the hotel management to know the areas where improvement is required. Design and measurement strategy of the hotel should also include training and improvement of the system. Training and system management may on fixing of the ATM and using them in the premises. These include even fax services, video conferencing and use of other electronic services. Guests must be able to use the express mail and this should be reviewed by the Hotel Escargo promptly.

Moreover, the system measurement should be geared towards improving service. For instance, checking in and out may be modernized. In addition, areas of inspection for quality assurance include taking out ratings. This is done in various areas that reflect poor performance. There must also be fitness room as one of the facilities to be offered to customers. On quality measurements to be taken, there should also be internal and external costs that should tackle any failures for instance processing of complaints from customers. This is meant for the delivery of mails for customers and alternative means of paying their bill. Service quality can be improved to enable more customer’s book more rooms in the hotel online at any time (Carlaw & Deming, 1998). Service levels are also part of measuring quality standards that required to be incorporated in management process.

Another strategy for the job design includes external cost measurement. These factors serve as good aspects of managing resources hence may guide in the development of the hotel.  The proposed job design in the quality management can include braking down the quality cost. This is implemented into stages and parts to avoid financial strain of the hotel and ensuring that the resources of the Hotel are utilized effectively. The resources required to be factored in the quality management process in stages if not available at the starting point. The use of certain industry standards is very important too in this case. This will enable the check out standard time to be reduced to about two minutes.  

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