Wal-Mart’s corporation refers to an urban-based agricultural store that distributes local and organic food. The company has been actively involved in the rigorous process of enhancing service delivery in its home country and in foreign countries. In the struggle of realization of the organization goals and objectives, it has undertaken social responsibility role simultaneously. Some of the major social responsibilities they have focused on include preservation of environment, hiring practices, supply chain management and charitable donations (Ciulla et al 2007, p.24). Most of their social responsibility programs go in line with the need to have sustainable development. This implies that a lot of effort should be inculcated in the process of production and towards the surrounding community for economic growth. As a result, its influence in the retail market of food has led it to conquer the market and expand rapidly. Similarly, the benefits derived by the community has grown and thus boosting customers loyalty and respect (Horrigan 2010, p.18).

The company’s involvement in the sustainable food movement over a period has led to emergent controversies between it and its competitors. This is mainly contributed by the practice of ethical codes in the implementation of the social responsibility codes within the organization (Hunnicutt 2009, p.185). Actually, the social responsibility concern within the organization should be a critical element to be observed by management. In this relation, the companies should adopt ethical codes in a partial manner to ensure that the communities with the environment receive some benefit from the organization. Similarly, all the production activities or service delivery of the organization should consider the regulating laws of the social responsibility. In this regard, Wal-Mart’s corporation has contributed immensely in the efforts to foster the need of social responsibility enhancing its growth and profitability. For the need of sustainable development, the company engages in the thorough research programs that improves the productivity of the organization as well as company’s social responsibility social rating (Kotler & Lee2005, p. 228).

With any contribution made to the advancement of food production, Wal-Mart has been regarded as the leading donator of funds to boost such projects. Through such efforts, multiple companies with small capital base with need to improve their innovation may fall into the requests of the corporation for buyout or merging (Crane 2008, p.125). In the previous periods, the company was noted engaging in radical sponsor of a company that engaged in the green power. Their donation for the project was overwhelming where the consideration of it being a social responsibility role or bribe was questioned. The company made a substantial donation that the receiving company was enhanced and the level of growth of the project grew with time. This demonstrates how social responsibility at times influences the need for companies contribution to the society (Farmer& Hogue 1973, p. 117). Considering the benefits and demerits that a company could obtain from such an activity, it is essential for the company to engage in measured social responsibility role to avoid tainting of its name in the public domain.

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The need of the company’s growth has been influenced by its rapid growth with the search of provision of food desert by opening up more retails. Since the company offers the nutritious and organic foodstuff by adopting the latest technology, it has been able to spread across many countries without major obstacles (Wheelen & Hunger 2008, p.211).  In this regard, in the areas where they have spread, it has been able to override the local companies in the same line of business (Longenecker 2010, p.325). Though its growth has been having devastating effects on the small competitors, its contribution to social responsibility is viewed as unrealistic and deterrent to growth of small companies. Nevertheless, this major campaign is radical as is viewed as a major program initiated by the company to cover up for its past in the search of growth through increase market share (May et al 2007, p.189).

In the previous periods, the company in its effort to enhance social responsibility through charitable donations has encountered rapid criticism due to its hidden agenda within it. Some companies who have received the assistance of the corporation have reported to have major influence of the corporation on their performance (Rossi 2001, p.201). This therefore indicates that despite the company’s goal of social responsibility provision, there are other hidden missions the receiving companies should comply with which should enhance the productivity of the corporation (Stern & Ander 2008, p. 305). On extreme end, the corporation has engaged in the bribing of officials or misappropriation of funds by those in charge of the service provision. In this regard, the ethical codes of the social responsibility have undergone violation and led to contentions with other firms. Nevertheless, where there is no adequate surveillance the company has been able to reap the fruits of rigorous social responsibility campaign (Werther & Chandler 2011, p.235).

Based on the efforts that Wal-Mart’s has made to the social responsibility campaign, it has stretched the level of imagination with regard to the practice. Initially, there were bodies formed to oversee the companies need and manner of social responsibility but much has changed with the objectives of the service changing with time. As indicated by the Wal-Mart’s radical campaign in social responsibility, it has necessitates the bodies to adjust their policies to ensure the process is done within ethical codes. Considering the benefits that the community receive from such initiates,, it is essential to undertake the process if a partial and objective manner. Regarding the effects that these efforts will contribute in the market, large organizations should not use it to intimidate other firms in the same industry (Visser 2010, p.224). Thus, adequate measures should be incorporated to ensure that all firms are place in the same platform to enhance equity in competition. 

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