With the advent of the internet and the subsequent creation of cyberspace, most people around the world have the capacity to access any form of information just at the click of the button. Businesses have radically changed they way they operate. The advantages that business organizations derive from the internet are in no doubt huge. However, all has not been well with the coming of the internet. With the absence of the necessary legal framework to protect the public from cyber crimes, this avenue has been the source of many crimes in the society. The proliferation of pornography and exposure of minors to adult content was a result of absence of deterrent measures in the access and use of the internet (Jarvenpaa, Tiller, & Simons, 2003).

The United States and other countries have been in the forefront of enacting the required legal framework to make the internet safe to consumers. Given that the internet is open and can be virtually accessed by anyone, it has not been easy for authorities to reinforce legal provisions. The digital millennium copyright act was enacted with the hope of gabbing software piracy. This has not been achieved even up to date.  The internet and technology in general is quite dynamic. Hundreds of new discoveries are made every day. There are latest devices being launched daily on the market. This has continued to make the cyber space unsafe to the society.

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Those in charge of legislation need to appreciate the swiftness of the information technology industry. Failure to recognize this phenomenon has led to the creation of laws that are not deterrent enough thus leading to continued anarchy in the cyberspace. Moreover, critical regulatory measures need to be adopted harmonize the internet. Makers of software and intellectual property need to adjust their marketing strategies in order to make their products easily accessible. It is extremely ridiculous to see on one hand the fast paced technology and other hand an artist with archaic marketing policies. Creators of content and software developers need to adopt technology, reduce overhead cost and make their products cheap to consumers. With cheap digital versatile discs and Microsoft operating systems, the risk of unfair access will be reduced significantly. The internet will be a safe place for both businesses and consumers (Jarvenpaa, Tiller, & Simons, 2003).

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