Management style within a health care facility oversees the quality of services delivered. Initially, Summit River Nursing Home (SRNH) management has always been authoritarian with more powers being availed to the senior utmost managers. As the managers did not look out for ways to communicate effectively with the employees, and amongst the employees, this led to the breakdown of communication. This eventually steered to the deteriorating quality of service delivery with various instances of medical errors reportedly. According to survey that was carried out to ascertain the source of the problem. More important, of its report is that some problems arose from contract staffs that were allegedly not included in the performance management process.

            For this reason, the human resource is seeking to modify the performance management process geared at promoting teamwork among employees. As there was considerably lack of the team atmosphere among the employees both on permanent and contractual basis. Therefore, the performance management process will star in individual skills and accomplishments in order to achieve teamwork as employees work as a group. Human resource manager can successfully improve the quality of service delivery by identifying the different individuals that could make up teams. These team members will be based on knowledge that the members have acquired over time in the medical field. Another important factor to consider is the level of skills that individual employees have in order to comprise the more qualified and least qualified.  Attitude depends with the level of compassion for their jobs in the medical field.

            The performance management process should always include the staff members employed on a contractual basis as they play a key role in the service delivery within the health care facility. As majority of those employed in a contractual basis include those specialists who offer dental service, pharmacy, psychologist, physical therapist and multispecialty physician practice. After efficient training of all employees working in the health care organization, it is necessary to come up with feedback from the employees that work as team members. This feedback will assist in determining whether the teams are effective or not. If the team work is effective, then the outcome will be improved quality a service in the health care facility. Health care service delivery quality could be improved through inspection of employees by the managers so as to access the service delivery of both the permanent and contractual employees. Irrespective of their terms of employment it will be necessary to encourage teamwork amongst them as they all contribute in the provision of services in the health care facility.

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            As individual medical practitioners, each one has got their own conducts. This will profoundly influence the ability of the team members to work out together as a result, it is essential to implore different strategies for harnessing behavior change. Through behavior change, the medical practitioners can improve the quality of their services as the strategies boost their morale. There are three strategies that the Human resource manager could use in order to achieve teamwork among employees and in the long run deliver quality service to patients who seek medical attention in the health care facility.

            A rewarding strategy is meant to encourage employees to significantly participate in their respective teams in the health care sector. As a result, of actively participating in the team work and in their work places employees are able to deliver quality services. Those medical practitioners with the best services being offered are usually feted through the reward strategy program. With the benefits accrued to the individual and group achievements in service, deliver the medical personnel will struggle to achieve the best results in their service delivery.

            The management should also give responsibilities to the medical practitioners such that they can execute it in teamwork. This is only possible through delegation where a supervisor of each group arises from among the group members. It is therefore, easier to access their performance levels as they execute the responsibilities dedicated to them. As a result, of this strategy implementation the employees will evidently become more accurate in the performance of their duties. The employees would therefore, feel accountable for their actions. This will thereafter contribute to the quality of health care service delivery to the patients.

            Another strategy for enforcing efficient service delivery is the inclusion of employees employed on a contract basis in the teams. They will also get access in participating at all positions in the teams including leadership and member’s role. This is mainly because the research that was earlier carried out signified that most of the reported cases of mishandling of patients is mainly associated with the contractual employees. There is therefore, need to motivate employees to be more active and keen in their execution of service delivery.

      There are various obstacles that are likely to arise due to the approach of encouraging employees to work in teams especially those employed on a contract basis. The main issue will be the lack of an enforcing agreement for contract based employees to take part in the performance management process. The employees would therefore, wish to get employment on a permanent basis for them to comply with the measures for the improvement of service delivery. The only way to deal with this issue is to negotiate with the employees for favorable terms both in terms of the hospital and the contractual employees.

            Given that, quality services in a health care facility depends on teamwork of the employees. It is necessary for the administrators in an organization to come up with measures to put in place the network of employee’s teams. These teams should be suitably based on knowledge, skills and attitude towards their work in within the health care institution as they attend to the patients.

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