It is a well known fact that world population is growing old, meaning percentage of seniors comparing to the other age groups is significantly bigger. Our population gets older and it brings change to general societal habits. In order to smoothly adapt to this lifestyle people developed “age in place “program. Age in place is designed to let senile people stay in their homes while aging as long as possible through making proper social, financial and home design arraignments. As well as foreseeing their future needs and struggles they might face when dealing with various health conditions.

 There are three main types of aging in place support. The first group is without any urgent needs. These people would like to keep living in their homes; they have no pressing health issues or disabilities. Second type involves people with progressive condition-based needs. It includes people with progressive or chronic conditions that will be demanding special arrangements for aging in place. However, they are not urgent; they simply cause additional inconveniences that have to be dealt with. The third group involves people with traumatic change in their lives. These people had very sudden changes in their lifestyles and require big adjustments for aging in place design.

One of the options for Betty and Clayton to research age is to conduct it in their community. People can choose the program that satisfies their needs and get proper consult on different issues connected with  life improvement. They can suggest both proper and most efficient way to handle thecurrent situation with proper financial and environmental design improvement advice. 

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As the second option I would like to propose assisted living. Betty and Clayton would be closely monitored via cameras, have emergency call buttons and communication devices. Any time they encounter with the problem they would not be able to tackle it on their own, they would have the ability to quickly acquire the needed help. At the same time this would not require to keep person on a payroll whole day.

If Betty and Clayton belong to certain community or church, they could use the help of volunteers. In every community there are volunteers who are willing to spend their time helping people. This is where demand meets supply, people who need help and people who are willing to help.

The best option at this point for the couple is to make necessary improvements for their life environment to ensure their independent existence. So far, I believe that the first option is the best for them. They need to consult with a person who is an expert in this kind of situation and can tell them the best way to deal with the current obstacles. To plan better solution for the circumstances they are facing now the Ross couple should have relied less on the help of their children. This would help them plan their future and finances more accurately and efficiently. The specialist would help them foresee the problems they are likely to face and prepare accordingly, developing a plan of gradual improvements for their environment and proper management of their finances. Relying on their children for help took away their independence and has deprived them from financial help suitable for their case. Their children have surely never dealt with aging people before and they could have not adequately managed their funds to suit aging people.

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