The Company`s strength is the usage of innovative technologies and approaches, due to which it has its own niche in the market. Thus, such products as IPod and ITunes do not have analogies in the competitive manufactures. The usage of effective corporate strategies, gave the Incorporation brand loyalty, and a low level of debt. One of the major weaknesses of the company is the low life cycle of the products that is why it should always invent new products. Furthermore, according to Carlton (2011),Apple has a weak presence in business and the market segments. Finally, Apple invests a lot in R&D, which largely reduce its profit. The main opportunity is the collaboration with the other companies. In addition, due to its big market share, the company has the ability to be expanded to other areas of the market. Finally, the differentiation of the products selling online will be one of the opportunities in the future. Linzmayer (2004) underlines that the main threat is the company`s depending on the customer. Secondly, the fast development of other electronic companies can create a big competition. For example, the main laptop producer’s competitors are Dell, HP, Toshiba and Sony.

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Thus, the Porter Analysis has shown that the threat of substitution will be low till the company invents the new devices. Young & Simon (2005) evaluated that the threat is minimized due to the customer`s brand loyalty. The power of buyers can greatly influence the company due to the fact that the used operational systems, such as Windows and Apple Mackintosh, are very expensive. The power of suppliers is also high in the company, because it has developed new products. Due to the already established brand name, product diversity and OEM integration, the power of substitutes will not influence much. Finally, the competitor rivalry evaluation has shown that Apple is much stronger that its competitors, however, the major ones are Intel and Microsoft.

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