Obesity is one of the most serious health problems and a leading preventable cause of global deaths in the 21st century.  As presented in the case of Bobby Thompson, the young man has hip problems due to obesity. He too much weighs at his age putting his height into consideration. According to Gay (2006), obesity is defined as an excess of fat in the body that has an association with health problems. Obesity can also be termed as a medical condition in which a person has more body fats than required. This paper will address several issues of obesity that are related to the Thompson and his family, which demand an appropriate action plan to remedy the situation.

There are several factors that contribute to obesity in children of age 15. The most common factor is excessive consumption of energy dense foods. In addition, lack of physical activity can also lead to obesity among children in this age group (Moonie, 2005). Most teenagers eat a lot of these energy dense foods, which have additional sugar and fats to improve on taste. Excessive consumption of these foods constitutes to an alarming intake of extra calories, which in the long run contribute to the epidemic in question.

Several factors can predispose families to obesity. In the case, there is a possibility that family lifestyles contribute to the prevalence of obesity. For instance, lack of physical activity may be a contributing factor for obesity given that these activities enhance health and physical fitness. Physical exercises are essential in building and maintaining a healthy bone density, maintaining a healthy weight, muscle strength and joint mobility thus promoting physiological well-being, reduced surgical risks and a strengthened immune system. Hereditary factors could also predispose the family to obesity because a good number of the Thompson family members are obese (Gilman, 2010).

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Thompson's condition in his age group raises several issues related to his health, social life and psychological wellbeing.  First, there is likelihood that Thompson will experience poor heath because of being obese. In addition, obesity may have a psychological impact on that Thompson's making him to have low self-esteem. His friend may be discriminate against him during the social interactions. The overall impact of obesity may affect Thompson in other facets of life. For instance, Thompson may fail to perform better in school because of low esteem and lack of confidence in class.         

Obesity can be treated using several treatment plans. Thompson and his family can be given a treatment plan that combine nutrition standards and physical activities.  First, Thompson and his family will be encouraged to avoid eating food with high calories. Instead they should be motivated to consume fruits, vegetables, and nuts as well as whole grain. The family can also be given some physical activities that will allow them to burn excess calories in their body tissues. This treatment plan will help reduce obesity in the family (Moonie, 2005).

Health issues that obesity could lead to especially in Thompson’s age bracket include a high risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, troubled sleeping and breathing problems. Other programs that might be accessible to this young man include joining a health and fitness center. It is evident that there should be an emphasis on the need of a controlled weight-loss program as recommended by Thompson’s doctor.

Increased engagement in physical activity is of paramount importance. Thompson can be allowed to join waling or camp program in his community, which gives him the opportunity to engage with other in physical activities such as activities as going for walks, riding bikes and playing outdoor games like soccer. This program may also be reinforced by giving talks to adolescents on the danger of obesity. Such programs should underscore the dangers of obesity.

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