Various factors account for the change in cohesiveness among scientists and technicians at Valena Scientific Corporation (VSC). First, the appointment of the chief biologist to head the interferon project created a team leader for the whole project. The leading biologist was successful in promoting teamwork between different groups. He creates a common vision that defined the objective of the whole project rather than individual groups. The aspect of involving all the participants in the interferon project and establishing a consensus highlights this factor. The biologist successfully created the realization that an individual group could not succeed without synergy with other components of the interferon project. Thus, groups had to reevaluate their objectives to match the objectives of the whole project. By fostering discussions concerning the whole project, the biologist encouraged different groups to adopt a bigger view of their task (Robbins, 2001). In addition, he encouraged agreement on the most appropriate approach that would create synergy between the different stages of the project. In this way, the chief biologist enhanced the team’s productivity by eliminating various distractions that had started to arise due to group differences. Initiating discussions among different groups helped to mitigate the building up tension and anxiety among group members.

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Another factor that brought about the change in cohesiveness at VSC is the realization of a common framework for the whole project. Apart from facilitating effective communication among all the parties, this factor helped to minimize cases of conflicts, and ensured that disagreeing groups resolved conflicts in a timely manner (Mabey & Thomson, 2012). Thus, it fostered a consultative approach that was crucial to the attainment objectives of the whole project. Although the segmentation of the project facilitated the emergence of differences, effective communication restored sobriety and enhanced the commitment of groups towards resolving disputes.

Through the change in the scientists’ views on the project, the biologist also influenced the technicians and enhanced collaborative efforts among all the parties.

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