People often participate in negotiations even without being conscious of it. Negotiations are the essence of any act of communication between people. Each time interacting with another person, we carry on negotiations: verbal or nonverbal, conscious or not. People will not be able to avoid negotiations; they can only conduct them more or less perfectly. The one, who applies communication interact with other people more successfully. The example of the negotiations, I had to take part in not long ago, will prove that.

I went to the Bloomingdale's department store to buy a new pair of shoes. In a shoe department, two very similar pairs of shoes were placed nearby on a display shelf. The first one cost about a hundred and thirty dollars, the second – about two hundred and fifty. It was clear that more expensive pair was of higher quality.

–These two pairs of shoes are so similar, though the one, which is more expensive, is much more qualitative, – I told the seller.

–You are right, – the seller agreed.

– I think, people buy this expensive model seldom. Probably, the majority takes the one that is cheaper, – I noticed.

– You are absolutely right, – the seller answered.

Then I asked whether there would be a sale of more expensive model soon. People almost did not buy that shoes, it was possible to allocate something that would be in demand. The seller understood what I was driving at. “We almost never do discounts”, – he declared.

I heard the words “almost never” and understood that it was a signal which meant –sometimes we do discounts. “I cannot afford an expensive model”, – I told to the seller, – but I would like to buy shoes for the price which will bring you an income and will help you to sell goods”. “To sell goods” was a signal of my understanding a valuable orientation of the seller.

Then I said I understood that in large shops the margin on the goods usually made 100 % (I had learned this information in advance), and I was interested whether it was possible for me to pay about 150 dollars for that pair of shoes. As a result, I was sold shoes for 160 dollars. The size of a discount made 90 dollars that was 36 %.

Using strategies and methods of negotiating, it is possible to achieve good results in trade, for example, discounts in shops where discounts do not happen; millions of free minutes for conversations by mobile phones; sale of a product, service or a company on the conditions which seem to be impossible. The purpose of the negotiations is to turn the thing, which seems impossible to you, into reality, to try to achieve more. I found out that using a necessary approach is possible to bargain on any things even in the most fashionable institutions. It is not important if you receive a discount for a piece of pizza or a necklace from Tiffany. In most cases everything, which is necessary for you, is a small training and some courage to ask.

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If a person receives a discount in a shop, both will win from it. He will come there once again, so, the owner of the shop will earn more. If you received a discount because you were kind to the seller, probably, you improved the seller’s mood. Thereby the seller’s motivation can rise. There was an exchange which had various values. Both the seller and the purchaser contributed in this situation. The shop got a profit. Due to the purchase, the place for other goods on the display shelf is vacant for the goods which will be sold quickly.

Most recommendations how to carry on negotiations in the field of trade are universal ones: how to sell a house, a company, or how to buy a car. However, all negotiations depend on the situation, on the people, and on the process of people’s interaction in this situation. Though some methods are used more often than others in trade, all the same it is necessary to focus attention on specifics of the situation, on the people negotiating, and on purposes.

There is no a unique way. There are no even ten ways of sale or purchase of the car, receiving accounting services, or buying air tickets. There are millions of these ways. Everything depends on a person’s purpose in this situation, on the one who is an opponent and what a process of negotiating people have chosen.

The communication role in negotiating should be estimated. In this situation, it contributed, not distracted. Certainly, for successful fulfillment of the purpose of negotiations, it is important to be able to give reasons competently for essence of the offer, to come into a contact, to play various roles depending on own purposes, behavior, interests and values of the interlocutor.

However, as researches and the negotiator’s practice show, the role of the personality of the interlocutor, as well as the essence of the offer, is even more important (and even more significant).  Certainly, there are people, whose abilities to make a necessary impression upon people are intuitive. However, it is known that many world leaders were very far from their mastering and only due to a careful, systematic development, these abilities found success.

I am sure that each person has all tools which allow him/her to win a reputation as a successful negotiator. It is important to be aware of these methods and to make them up in an accurate and firm position.

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