Face-to-face communications provide some level of social and cultural communications with the audience. For example, it has been quoted that Kennedy said the following during his inaugural speech, "Ask not what your country can do for you but rather ask what you can do for your country” (Gerry, 1992). For example, it can be argued from this inaugural address that Kennedy judged the Americans on the expectations about their leaders to deliver on their promises to the citizens, an idea which Kennedy is against. Instead, he advises the people to work harder for the benefit of the country. Another example, which can be drawn from the quoted text, is the one that Kennedy is trying to put across to his audience, which appears like ridicule of a society that expects its leaders to work harder at their expense.

In the first chapter on Aria, the communicative character of Rodriguez interpreted to mean that it was purely centered on the Spanish culture. Moreover, he viewed people, who were speaking English as strangers. Indeed such language barriers could not allow Rodriguez to excel in school.  There were examples of cases when the author’s teachers visited his parents at home to communicate and discuss their son’s poor performance at school. It was evidenced that the author spoke more Spanish than English; this is supported by the fact that he knew only fifty words in English (Rodriquez, 1982).

There are three assumptions, which are evidenced from the Pygmalion film, that is, speaking culturally is assumed to be social, distinctive, and structured. Focusing on the social assumption, it is evidenced that the sculptor fell in love with the marble statue, which he had made. It provides a detailed encounter and the relationship built between the English instructor and Eliza. Moreover, distinctive assumption is evidenced from the debut Ambassador’s reception. The gentleman character of David Tree, who is from the upper class family, also stands out at the tea party. Finally, the structured assumption is seen in the way the English instructor carried out his lesson plan for Eliza. This would begin by elocution lessons, followed by mannerism lessons, and then drilling lessons. Finally, structured assumption could as well be evidenced from the tea party arrangement.

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