A presentation requires a speaker to be well prepared as it has to meet the desired goal. There are various strategies that are crucial in meeting this objective. For the future presentations it is crucial to spend some time to put together thoughts in writing. Getting time to organize your thoughts is essential in meeting the objectives of the speaker (Jay, 2001).

The audience is the key in any presentation. Without the audience, the presentation would have no objective. A speaker should then know his/her audience in order to make a relevant presentation for them. For example, if the audience consists of young kids the speech should have many relevant examples, such as the use of pictures and videos to keep their attention. It should also be short (Reynolds, 2008).

Achieving success in a presentation always starts with a thorough preparation. When one is called to make a speech of any kind even in an informal setting, he/she has to take time to prepare since preparation plays an important role in the success. Engaging in the five steps

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stated plays an important role in a successful speech. First, assess, evaluate, research, put in order and, finally, deliver your speech (Gallo, 2010). Putting more energy on these steps of presentation makes the presenter confident and attains the goals of the presentation. For example, when a speaker has a topic of presentation one should follow the necessary steps of presentation to ensure that the presentation is productive.

The strategy of transforming thoughts on the outcome will be of great help in meeting the objective. For example before preparing for a presentation it is crucial to have a positive attitude towards the outcome of the presentation (Lucas, 1998). The reason for this is that oftentimes the thoughts of a speaker affect the delivery of the speech. Having a positive visualization is essential in attaining great heights. A speaker who visualizes a great presentation in most cases, achieves it too.

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