This paper is a critical response on the article about intercultural communication. According to the article, it is paramount for individuals to learn how to communicate with people from diverse racial, cultural, ethnic, regional, gender, age and social backgrounds. At the same time, it is important to understand oneself and use one’s identities when interacting with others, particularly in a new environment. In doing this, they should learn, understand and appreciate their differences. As a result, they will fit, adapt and establish good interpersonal communications despite their differences.

I agree with the assertion that the best way to develop a perfect interpersonal communication in diverse cultures is through the correct use of language. It is one of the ways of showing people’s identities. Hence, in order to fit and adapt, it is essential to learn the correct use of language (Gudykunst & Kim, 2003). In other words, one must know the correct use of that language’s pragmatics, grammar and non verbal signs. Then, he will apply them appropriately without offending anyone. For instance, the incorrect use of gestures can offend others. Therefore, the basic aspects of spacing, proximity and touch must be clearly understood.  

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Besides, I strongly support this article for emphasizing the role of dynamism in intercultural communication. The understanding of the fact that humans are naturally diverse creatures can help to develop a good rapport in the society. For example, if people relocate to a new place, they should not use their culture and language as a tool of criticism. Instead, they need to use them as a baseline of conformity (Gudykunst & Kim, 2003).

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that the role of communication in the society is greatly significant. The only way through which we can stay together is by tolerance. We must accept and appreciate differences by showing respect to all the people. This will help us to fit in any society.  

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