Technological advancements have considerably transformed the manner in which organizations and their employees execute various tasks. Although organizations embrace technology as a means for enhancing business operations and realization of efficient in day-to-day tasks within the workplace, evidence shows that technical tools such as the internet, mobile devices, word processor, E-mail and electronic presentations have negative organizational effects.

The internet facilitates writing of correspondence as individuals can refer to a variety of sources on effective writing. However, this may introduce conflicts concerning acceptable standards of business correspondence in an organization (Bove%u0301e & Thill, 2000).

Mobile devices offer high flexibility in the writing of correspondence. Using these devices, one can complete writing tasks irrespective of his or her location within the workplace. However, mobile devices face numerous technical limitations such as frequent loss of service, which hampers timely and effective completion of tasks (Downey et al., 1998). 

A word processor minimizes challenges such as grammar mistakes, which are common in the manual writing of correspondence. Word processing tools have drawbacks such as costs associated with frequent upgrades, technical failures that lead to unexpected shutdown and loss of documents (Kirschman, 2002).

Electronic mail (E-mail) provides organizations with a tool that ensures messages and urgent notifications reach recipients early. Furthermore, this tool saves time and labor by supporting mass mailing features. E-mail as a tool for business communication is vulnerable to loss of crucial information due to occurrences such the crash of hard-drives and servers. Hackers could also intercept information sent through the E-mail (Sharma & Mohan, 2011).

Electronic presentations such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Corel slideshows facilitate easier conveying of concepts and ideas to the targeted audience by means of visually enhanced and effective statements. These tools enable the creation of correspondence within a short time and thus save time. However, electronic presentations lead to increased expenses for organizations, as they require skills for one to use them appropriately. The use of poorly designed presentations may hamper communication and understanding (Shukla, 2010). 

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