In biometrics, a lot of factors are considered in order to come up with a certain biometric system. Some of them are discussed below

The accuracy of a biometric system is critical in choosing the mode of security or authentication to be used in a system. The system should be accurate enough to allow access and also deny access accordingly. The system should not necessarily logout genuine users (Vacca, 2007).

The collective cost of implementing and maintaining the biometric should effective. It should be within the budget of safeguarding a property (Nanavati, 2002). It should also not be expensive in terms of time consuming. The system should be operated easily in a limited time possible (Stewart, 2004).    

This is the most critical of all factors. The system should be able to balance between False Acceptance Rate and also False Rejection Rate (Nanavati, Thieme, and Nanavati, 2002).  The system should minimize any kind of error to zero. The system should allow owners to adjust it for best quality performance (Ashbourn, 2004).

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How the system is to be used determine which kind of the system is to be used.

The value of the assets is also considered to provide for an appropriate system to be used. The most valuable assets require the most secure system to be used (Ashbourn, 2000).

Fingerprint Scanner

Speaker Recognition

n Value

Decision is made according to the matrix.  According to the matrix, fingerprint is close to an ideal system in that it cut across all the factors effectively (Bolle et al, 2004). This is the kind of an ideal which is cost effective, has minimum error and more accurate (Zhang and Jain, 2006). Face scanner is average, but it more expensive to implement it and maintain it. Its accuracy is somehow low as compared to fingerprint system. So we regard facial scanner as only an integrated solution (Stewart, 2008).

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