Even the topic of colonial and pioneer families has been discussed many times before, but this paper would give you a different insight into this topic. Firstly colonial children when born are usually kept with their mothers and are given alcohol to keep them quite (Tunis, 1965), while such trends were not apparently observed in the pioneer families and kids. Both the male and female kids wore long gowns in colonial system of living while in pioneer areas the kids usually wore normal dresses which a common American kid wears (Madsen, (1996). When girls of colonial families grow up they usually work with their mothers and they look like little mothers too, similarly the small girls of pioneer families do the same but they were not forced to do so. And boys of colonial system usually start learning about, how to do to earn livelihood (Kalman, 1992).

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While in pioneer families the trend of education was open for both female and male kids and they also opened a number of free education systems to facilitate the kids learning. In colonial system if family is rich then they would send their girls to schools otherwise they stay at home, and even if the girls are sent to school they stop it in higher classes. And in pioneer system the girls had equal rights to education as the boys had and both studied equally in same standard institutes (Thompson, 1996). And that is the reason we can find more educated people in Pioneer families than in Colonial systems. Again in colonial families, all of the boys get education because it is common belief that they are more important heads of the family and as they grow up either they continue education if their family could afford and if not they start supporting their family. But in pioneer family the girls also continued their education along with helping their mothers in home chores. So such trends were usually seen among both colonial and pioneer kids but both the system can be improved a lot by a little effort (Harmer, 1966).

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