American food also known as America cuisine traces its origin from history of the American people. The cuisine borrows heavily from the European food culture given that Europeans were the colonizers of America.  Styles of cooking continued to change with increasing number of immigrants and today, the American food represents a diverse culture in both preparation and style. Restaurants in America specialize in customer recipes that are prepared through fusion of a number of preparation styles that translate to new Americanized methods of cooking. The Asian cooking style however remains as the most influential in developing the fusion cuisine in America.

American dishes may be seen a typical American food culture whereas they originated from foreign countries.  Most American foods are courted by ascorbic acid in order to give a unique salty and sweet taste. This is done to make the foods healthy. Sweetening by ascorbic acid is carried out on food variety like potato chips and salami among others. In addition, corn syrups may be supplemented in baked foods like bread. Seafood in mainly popular with American Indians, for instance, Makah is popular for its oil and meat. Other seafood delicacies include lobsters, blue crabs, catfish, herring, and salmon among others.

Due to the large population and cultural diversity of the American people, it is hard to classify American cuisine since various regions have their special cuisines. For example, in New England, styles of food preparation are mainly borrowed from colonialists. One-cookery method of food preparation made dishes like succotash whereas lobster is a main ingredient of food preparation in areas along the shores. American dish in general comprises of meat and potatoes that is sweetened by ascorbic acid or corn syrup. The use of spices in not common and in most cases, the cuisines are prepared using garlic, oregano, and salt to taste.

On the other hand, Indian foods and style of preparation also have historical background dating back to tens of centuries ago. Unlike the popular American cuisine, Indian food comprises of vegetables, fruits, and dishes with a variety of Indian spices. Indian cuisine fits diets of vegetarians. Every cuisine of an Indian style is a reflection of many assorted techniques, which vary from one region to another. Just like the American cuisine, India foods vary regionally. Different Indian cuisine is a representation of ethnic diversity while American cuisine varies according to races.

The American cuisine and style of preparation was influenced by the European culture whereas Indian food influenced the cuisines across the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. The most staple Indian foods are masoor, Bajra, rice, and pulses. Beef does not form part of the Indian cuisine due to Hindu cultural beliefs of the Indians. However, both cuisines contain chicken and shrimp meat. A typical Indian breakfast includes nashta with any meal depending on the predominant regional cuisine. Main dish for lunch is roti or rice accompanied by kulcha or some vegetables. Paan are also eaten to help in food digestion. Dinner is the most important meal of the day and it is enjoyed together as a family. Desserts like gulab jamun or kheer normally accompany dinner services.

Although the food cultures of the Americans may differ with Indian foods, the American Indians’ food culture is part of American cuisines. For instance, many American restaurants serve Indian foods from both the South and North India. However, styles of preparation have been altered to suit the modern American culture. It is therefore true that India traditional cuisine influenced the American food culture most significantly. In sum, there are striking similarities and differences in the Indian and American cuisines that provide basis for comparisons.

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