Men and women are two opposite halves which are created to compliment the existence of one another. According to general consensus men epitomize strength and courage while women are sensitive and emotional.

Consequently men believe that life is the second name of progression and in order to survive it is necessary to struggle in life and since they are the bread winners they have to pragmatically deal with every situation. While women are impulsive by nature and most of the times they make decisions which they regret later. Moreover since domesticity is related to women they are less ambitious in life as compared to men. Death is another fact of life that results in deriving different reactions from men and women. Since men do not easily give in to emotions they are able to deal with loss better than women as they believe that life moves on while women prefer not to think about losing their loved ones and for them death is difficult to deal with. Similarly crying is a very humane reaction yet men and women perceive it in a two totally different contexts. For men it is a sign of weakness and also wastage of precious time because they believe that crying is not productive, also they also interpret it as a tool of manipulation while most women believe that crying is cathartic and helps in clearing ones mind. Another reason that women cry and men don’t is because of their different hormonal make up i.e. estrogen in women makes them highly sensitive and because of testosterone in men they prefer to deal with their frustrations by using anger.

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Men and women are two equal halves which amalgamate in creating and retaining balance in life. Regardless of their strengths and weaknesses one is incomplete without the other.


  • Purpose of men and women in the world.
  • Men epitomize strength while women project the sensitive side of human nature.
  • Meaning of life for men and women. Men are pragmatic while women are impulsive.
  • Perception of death for men and women and dealing with loss.
  • Definition and importance of crying
  • Both men and women are created to retain the balance hence one is incomplete without the other.

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