The availability and continuous development has had both positive and negative impacts on the quality of life we live today. There are many gadgets that have been created that contribute to making our work easier and faster. There are also the gadgets that assist in hospitals and in other life saving situations. All this items are incorporated into our daily lives everywhere we go. There are computers in schools and work places. Computer systems are used to drive the trains we use every day and are even integrated into our private cars to give directions. We all rely on our mobile phones to keep in touch with other people. Many companies have come up with ways to safeguard our electronic devices since they are expensive.

In embracing technology, more and more private and public places have been installed with closed circuit cameras to capture every movement. This comes in handy in identifying people who commit crimes and are captured by these cameras. The downside is that they capture all the activities and people in their path including the innocent. All modern cars come equipped with the GPS system which can also be bought. This is especially helpful when one is lost as it guides and shows directions. However, the same can be used to trace the route and even mark the stop over’s one makes in their car. This information can be used for ulterior motives and is infringing on personal privacy.

Computers have become a necessity and are an integral part of our daily lives. People use them to study, to save documents and files and so on. This master storage device if hacked into or accessed by the wrong people can reveal private information. Peoples bank accounts can be accessed via computes and hackers are able to access and steal other peoples’ money. There are numerous social websites that help people to stay in touch. These normally contain areas where someone can access and upload photos and other personal messages. These social website accounts contain personal information which can be accessed by unauthorized people thus revealing a lot of private information. There have been cases where rackets hack into other people’s social media accounts and extract information. This information is used to withdraw money from the banks or blackmail the victims.

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Due to safety concerns, more roads are being installed with cameras to assist capture accidents and traffic violators. These systems store the data collected in a data base. This can be used to spy on people. For security reasons, almost every place we go to in our day to day lives contains a camera. All this data can either become an asset or turn into a nightmare in the wrong hands. Our mobile phones keep developing and as of today there is no limit to the operations on a seemingly simple phone. One can simply record anything using the phone’s camera and video applications. A click on one button is sufficient to upload a video or photo to any social networking sites for everyone to see. This feature can be a good or bad application depending on the situation.

For safety and convenience reasons, more people are relying on their Visa and credit cards to make payments instead of carrying cash. A purchase can be done with a simple swipe of the card. These cards carry a lot of information that identifies the owner of the card.

All the above applications depict some of the things we use daily. These are items we cannot seem to live without and which make our lives easier and safer. However, anyone with an agenda can find someone using a simple mobile phone or credit card information. A sneak look at the stored camera data can reveal where one was and what they were doing at any time. There is also the ultimate satellite images which are used to get information for government agencies. Some applications that use satellite imaging like Google earth can reveal someone’s location. With an expected increase in the number of applications in the future, no one will have any privacy anymore since these devices will still be in use and can reveal a lot of private details.

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