A)    HGV Lorry Driver

HGV drivers may not be seen to be having a good job in the eyes of the public but this job fetches good money that most of other careers cannot fetch. Despite the fact that the career out difficult tasks and the job is generally hard, these people have the chance to progress career wise based on the fact that this is a career that has the potential of creating a progress for those who indulge in it (The editor, 2009). There is also a misconception that this is a career in which is meant for males and that females would not be considered. It is evident that the number of lorry drivers is very low but with the current transformation in the industry this is changing with the number of ladies increasing slowly by slowly (4th Dimension Interactive, 1999).


Among the major roles include; Driving of the Heavy Goods vehicles (HGVs), Operating crane or the hiab hoist that is mounted on the lorry, loading and unloading of any materials that are being transported to different destinations, carrying out of emigration works with the use of such machines such as the pneumatic breakers, angle grinders, jack hammer, shovel and pick, operation of plant such as rollers, compactors, stone scrubbers and other related machines; carrying out of minor repair works such as on roads and footpaths such as leveling of kerbs and pavements that have sunk, pointing of joints and filling of pot holes. Another role includes general labor as well as giving assistance on emergencies in times of natural calamities such as flood, storm, snowfall, etc. these people may also be involved in other laboring duties as they be delegated by the administration (4th Dimension Interactive, 1999).

B)    Primary school teacher


Primary teachers mostly teach in one grade level but there is also the possibility of specializing in some other subjects. These may be art, music or physical sciences. The duties of the primary school teacher include; creation of a lesson plan, discipline management, teaching, setting goals for the students as well as the classes, promotion of the welfare and the general progress of the pupil, guidance and counseling, preparing records and reports on various issues, and conferencing (Wlodkowski, 1978).

Among the challenges that they face  include; no flexible hours, stress out of working and particularly with kids, lots of work, undergoing a lot of training, on job training and refresher courses necessary, sometimes they are required to work even outside the school compound, sometimes one is required to teach very large classrooms, and small budget allocations (4th Dimension Interactive, 1999).  

The work design in regard to the HGV drivers features the factors that have enabled an increase in the job satisfaction, increased productivity, and reduction of grievances among other major factors. The measures that have been taken include the trend in these days that has been brought about by technological development.  In recent days the working conditions for these people have been improved significantly (The editor, 2009). The advancement of technology has enabled the industry to experience major transformations on the HGVs. Modern tracks have become very comfortable while driving in based on the fact that they have installed air conditioners and music systems among other comforts (4th Dimension Interactive, 1999).

On the part of teachers, the work design has been facilitated through good human interactions between the administration and the other teachers. The teachers are entrusted on their duties and there is no unnecessary supervision. In addition to the creation of a favorable working condition in terms of interactions, the environment has also received a lot of improvements. Most schools have seen the construction of good offices and classrooms to ensure that learning takes place without any interruptions and that the welfare of the teachers is well catered for (Khan, 2003).

Relative motivators for the roles

The mentioned career roles have some relative motivators that include; good pay or both the careers can enable one to earn a living and support a family for those people who are married. Though the job roles are different, both jobs have the potential of supporting a family. That of the HGV driver is more physical involves a lot of hard work but for those people who maximize their time, the money earned is even higher from that of a primary school teacher (Khan, 2003). On the other hand that of the primary school teacher is more of brain work and less physical but though the money earned is not extremely high; it is enough to sustain a family too. Most of these teachers receive other benefits and as a result the money that they earn is usually enough for them and the family (Book, 2000).   

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Satisfaction of the people performing the roles

These roles can satisfy the people who are performing them in different ways. This is because each of the roles has its advantages and disadvantages and as long as the cons are not as many as the pros, no one can neglect an opportunity for this. The reason why the people in these professions still remain in these professions is because they get some benefits out of them. It is the advantages of these roles that gives the people performing them some satisfaction (Khan, 2003).

Looking at the HGV drivers, one major advantage about this career is that the people who are involved in this enjoy a lot of freedom. The hours that they are supposed to work are quite flexible and in most cases it is upon them to decide when to work and for how long. Those who do not have families may opt to work for long hours and as a result those who choose to do so earn high incomes that will guarantee them a good life and as well get some money to save. On the other hand, those people who have families who require their presence at home can afford to reach at home early enough to enjoy dinner with their loved ones. GPS system has enabled the drivers to have a choice of picking their favorite routes adding to the benefits which they enjoy along the roots.

As mentioned earlier the career presents opportunities for growth within the industry. Having earned enough experienced in terms of haulage and other related tasks, one may earn a promotion to become an instructor of those wishing to become drivers in the future (Sellwood et al, 1990). These carrying out driving lessons on safe driving as well as offering assistance to such people to ensure that they pass the HGV driving tests. As an instructor, one is expected to assess the skills and knowledge of the student as well as planning customized lessons for each based on the results of the research. The aim is to ensure that the students acquire confidence while driving, understanding of the road safety, knowledge of the driving laws as well as the Highway Code and how to deal with emergencies incase they arise. Succeeding in the career would satisfy the majority of the people performing in these roles.

After gaining enough experience as an instructor one is usually promoted to a specialist instructor. This proves that the HGV driving career is not a dead end career and also that this is a career that can help one to achieve their life goals based on the fact that it pays when one maximizes the working hours. With the advancement of technology, the career has the potential to grow in future. The purpose of this job is to carry out duties on driving as well as laboring in relation with carrying out maintenance tasks. Rising to the top is another thing that would bring joy into the lives of people that one cherishes.

On the other hand, there are uncountable things that bring satisfaction to the people in this field. When it comes to such a job, it is more of a call than a career. This is a role that requires one to examine them properly before indulging into the career because it calls for a lot of sacrifice and self denial. The best performing teachers in the world are those with a heart of Gold (Khan, 2003). Those who are ready to give up their excitement to focus on the life goals that they wished to achieve along carrying out their duties in the job role. Some of the advantages of working as a teacher include; benefits or privileges that are attracted by the virtue of being a teacher such as health care as well as other programs (Wlodkowski, 1978). There is also a likelihood of obtaining tenure (Chapman, 1983). Most of the teachers who are employed by the government are employed on the permanent basis. This means that these people enjoy a job security which is not the case for the HGV drivers (European Conference of Ministers of Transport, 1999). Another benefit is that the teachers a get holiday off every time the schools close not forgetting that most of these teachers do not work over the weekend when the kids are studying on their own or a playing in the field. Other benefits include commanding of respect in the community, retirement benefits and pension, the pride of molding a person into an important person in the society, scholarships, and not forgetting the fact that teaching supplies are usually funded by well wishers in most cases.

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