They say life was better in the 60s but I disagree when I compare it with today's lifestyle. In the 60s this is when drugs like cocaine, cannabis, heroine among others were introduced. This has spoilt the society especially the youth. People believe that you as a teenager one must taste the pleasure of drugs and alcohol. This has contributed to moral decay and it has become hard to cope with such environments. This has killed morale and desire to have a better life because there are no good role models around you. Fashion had started spreading its roots. This included the way people dressed, their hairstyle and haircuts. It has positively influenced the youths who like to move by fashion. It has created job opportunities locally and internationally.

Due to the many battles for example the Cold War and the Vietnam War, which were experienced in the 60s, military power has been enhanced such that it is ready incase of war. For instance when the Times Tower was attacked on September 11, 2001, the United States was ready to fight back though they were caught unawares. If they had never experienced any wars during earlier years like it happened in the 60's they would not have known what action to take at the exact time.

In the 60's, that was when feminism started raising eyebrows and the norm that a woman's place was the kitchen slowly started fading away. It was then that gender equality issues started emerging. Currently women are all over the workplace assuming the positions of leaders and even becoming rulers. For instance in the past election Hillary Clinton was vying for presidency in the United States. Had the issue not risen in the 60's, women would probably still be insignificant and underdeveloped.

Music was a very famous form of entertainment in the 60's and today people still look back at the all time hits from back then. These are years when music icons like Michael Jackson and Bob Marley were emerging and their fame remains forever. This has greatly shaped today's musicians as they aspire to be as great as the music icons. Their music is still played to date and many people associate with it.

According to Karl Marx's theory of alienation individuals have adopted it such that that they do not mix their work and other leisure activities. This is a practice that has existed ever since the 6's. People choose to separate the two in a bid to increase efficiency in whatever they undertake to do. Personally, applying this in my life has made it possible to achieve the goals that I set to achieve in every day's undertakings (Jamison & Eyerman, 1995).

An important concept of life is also determined by the modes of dressing that people adapt the fashion trend they choose to follow and even the food they choose to eat. In the 60's there were fashion trends like miniskirts, bell bottoms and even afros. In recent days, fashion is becoming repetitive and as such defining the life that people live.

There is also the concept of Ultimate Lifestyle that insists on an individual's way of thinking other than the material things that they possess. An individual should be defined by their level of intellectual development not what they possess. This has made me view life differently and not count on what I can afford.

In economics, there are theories that explain the behavior of consumers, producers and the market where they interact. There is the theory of consumer behavior which is centered by a consumer's ability to maximize utility in the combination of goods and services that they choose to consume at any time. Their main objective is that they can retrieve their value of money to the satisfaction they get after consumption (Diski, 2009).

Secondly, there is the theory of demand which is centered by the consumer's willingness to buy the goods and services that they need and their financial ability to do so. Demand is also very much dependant on the price of the goods and services when all other things are held constant. In the 60's market and trade were still very much existent only that back then the trade that was renowned was the art of barter trade. Consumer behavior was dependent on the availability of the goods for exchange. Due to the problem of not having needs that matched the rest, there was need to come up with a common currency that would be used at any time. This was good because it is now easier to get the goods and services that one wants. On the other hand, the theory of demand did not work effectively because the goods and services that one wanted were not always available when one needed them.

Over the past years, economics has hugely developed with inclusion of many discoveries that enable trade to be effective. There has also been the emergence of international trade that which has enabled export and imports of surplus goods and services.

Globalization and its effects

Globalization is the interaction between different countries sharing what they have, improving it and making every nation a better place for everyone. It enhances knowledge sharing in different academic fields. Globalization has improved many fields for example medical unit. Unity and cooperation among representatives of different countries has made them invent medicine to some of the incurable diseases for example tuber closes. Number of deaths has been reduced and every medicine or theory discovered is spread all over the world through the web which connects everyone. Likewise after every outbreak of any disease every country is alerted in order to make use of vaccinations. In terms of economics, people are able to carry out business activities when hey are wide apart (Parkin, 2008).

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In the hand fashion has grown intensively. Although it keeps repeating itself, it comes with more quality which adds its value this is achieved by oneness among nation whereby ideas are borrowed from different ethnic groups. Globalization has also brought about unity within nations by forming organization for example united nation (UN), world health organization (WHO) among others. These organizations are meant to ensure peaceful co-existence among nations. When a nation goes against the rules, its either fined or denied access to other countries. This includes the rules set in terms of carrying out trade. Women have also come together to claim their rights. That is equal division of resources, equal political positions and also equal and fair respect from the society. Women have the higher population than men this making them realizes that they play the biggest role in the society yet they are considered irresponsible. They have moved on and claimed seats in the House of Representatives. This in turn has promoted equality between the two sexes and created self confidence in women (Daly & Farley, 2004).

Technology has also improved the lifestyle of the entire globe. With the help of computers and satellite communication between different nations has improved advancing many business ventures. This communication is brought by the improving technology which has reduced the cost of transport hence improving the economy.

Through globalization the world has come together to ensure that natural resources are well protected in order to secure the future. For example taking care of trees whereby there is trees planting day and there is a rule to avoid deforestation whereby when one cut down one tree he/she plants two. The government has also preserved some animals and there are rules set aside not to abuse animals.

Due to globalization criminal rates have reduced  since security agencies from different countries have collaborated to arrest any criminal trying to seek refuge in a different country after committing a crime in his/her homeland. Education has also been able to spread even to the farthest part of the world. And due to globalization educational facilities have been easily accessed from the developed nations without any hindrance. One is able to move from one country to another seeking for knowledge.

Different societies are now civilized and have now abandoned some dangerous cultures like hunting lions to prove that you are brave and etc. the societies are now accepting other peoples culture picking the best e.g. using common language, cooking styles, music styles and other forms of art. However, globalization has negative effects as well. For example people are leaving their countries going to search for employment (i.e. white-collar jobs) in the developing countries instead of developing their own country. This has led to slow growth rate of the third world countries. Jobs have become insecure due to the stiff competition leading to low wage payment hence there is lower living standards.

Easy penetration indifferent countries have increase cases of terrorism which is facilitated by use of internet to communicate. Terrorists have also been able to access to dangerous weapon which are used to endanger thousands of lives. Globalization has also led to people especially the young adopting other people's culture and having g unacceptable behavior in their origins. As such their results misunderstandings and hence reducing the levels of development. This is be because there different kinds of cultures which may not be acceptable to everyone.

Drug trafficking hasn't been so hard to drug dealers who have contacts to different places making it hard for the authorities involved to track them. This has continuously led to the young people being less productive.

Internet has opened the doors for propaganda and hate speech which circulates the globe within minutes. It has also become a public display of dirty stuff (e.g. pornographic movies) which is accessible to any computer literate including children who learn to use computer at a tender age. This has influenced moral decay whereby teenagers are introduced to premarital sex leading to unwanted pregnancies.

Deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS and other incurable diseases are now easily spread by tourist from other countries leading to decrease in population caused by deaths.

However, the rules of globalization are simple that is, the rich get richer and the poor become poorer.                                         

Fortunately, the world has become a better place since 60s. Unlike in the 60's one is able to question if their rights are being violated. People are no longer ignorant and they are therefore in a better position to enhance personal development. Nowadays one's life is comfortable not like in the 60's when things were completely different and difficult to some extent. However, there are still good things that originate from the discoveries back then. With time as we advance, life becomes better as the discoveries become advanced.

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