Radicalization is the process by which a given group of individuals may as a result of their inferiority complex become violent towards a given group or nation.  In the United States of America, radicalization report to be the root of terrorist attacks made to them also worldwide.  In New York, terrorist attacks are quite a threat. Research proved that the threat of radicalism has its roots in the Western side of the United States. From the Islamic tradition, it is right for a Muslim to kill another person in the pursuit of making converts. They do it out of "goodwill" since making many converts will make them have a high reward in heaven.  Some of the youth use this as an excuse to become terrorists to expand their territory. This movement, known as Jihad, uses both men and women to engage in war, in their settlement countries.

The report on radicalization as a factor of terrorism used case studies to form a report. It mainly focuses on the Al Qaeda, who are a large number of Muslims that support Jihad. It uses the cases from the London, Madrid and Casablanca, where there were attacks caused by people from the respective countries. The study of the different Al Qaeda attacks showed that the four stages of radicalization process were inclusive. Many of those who become terrorists did this to have an identity, especially in nations such as Europe, where the recognition in the economic and social activities does not occur. Radicalization spreads through places such as the internet, where young people spend their time (Oliver, 2008).

Some of the limitations in this report are that the generalization used in Jihadism may be force. Some of the Muslims are political leaders and scholars, who totally disagree with the nature of jihads. This report mainly got its research material from the police department and the intelligence agencies. This was through the collection of first hand information from people around the world as asserted by Silber & Arvin, 2007.

The right wing extremists are a group of persons who join hands due to a viable reason triggered by dislike or hate.  The connecting factor to hate may be race, religion or ethnicity. These people fight for what they believe in with passion, such as protection of human right to live, even for the unborn children.  They may also be people who oppose the reigning government in a nation through joining hands with the local authorities.  The right wing uses the fear of the abandoned people to obtain followers.  High rates of unemployment and inflated economies also catalyze the process.  An instance of their efforts is through the election of a black man in the United States of America to be president.  This comes as a huge step of growth for them as their aim would be to utilize it to get into positions of power.

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The right wing report reviews existing incidences collected by use of qualitative approaches.  Cases such as the new rule by a, black American, president show how it is an opportunity to them for expansion in a governing body.  Studies show that these activists use social media such as the internet to stir people up to join in these groups.  The fear brought in by poverty is one of the reasons for the increased expansion of right wing groups, making them turn into violence and terrorism.  Idleness, brought in by high unemployment rates gives the affected time to generate ideas of radicalization to be recognized in society (Hainsworth, 2000).

The issue of immigrants also stirs up the increment for right wing extremists.  They believe that illegal immigrants will work at extremely lower wages than normal, thus rendering the residents jobless.  The Federal Bureau of Independence did the research on rightwing extremism.

The research that led to the writing of conclusion reports on human behavior, with regard to the Western part of United States was by the urge to make peace and security amongst citizens.  The police department, together with the intelligence division came up with reasons for war and terrorism.  These protection bodies used the understanding of human psychology to come up with its report.  The study focuses on human behavior, in the state governance areas of interest, to explain people’s behaviors.  Case studies for this research refer to the real parties involved.  These procedures relate to qualitative techniques for collecting data.

In both reports, the internet use makes it a hotspot for recruitment of new members for radicalization.  This is because most youth, who are vulnerable to being inferior in society, seek comfort through the internet.  The radicals and right wing extremists thus have an excellent chance to share and spur up the need to fight for their rights.  In both reports, a process has to be followed in order to form radicals.  These stages involve transformation from a light urge to fight, to being the strong will to acquire a right.  The radicalization process involves the radicalization, self-identification, and indoctrination and jihadist transformation stages for it to take place (Silber & Arvin, 2007).

In any terrorist zone, the power of influence by people with a strong will to fight over a belief presents itself.  These government analysis shows that radicalization and right wing extremism are both driven by people of similar behavior.  It shows that no one can exclude themselves from the possibility of becoming a radical or terrorist.  In both reports, law enforcing bodies collect the facts presented; that is the New York Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The FBI uses better techniques to gather their information.  This is because they engage in indulging themselves into the lives of the extremist groups, thus have an experience.

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