The article, “We Adored the Princess, But Learned from the Saint, Coincidence Links Death OF Diana, Mother Teresa, “compares the lives of Mother Teresa and Princess Diana and the legacy they left behind after their death due to their deeds while they were alive. The article critically analyses the irony surrounding the death of two charitable women. Both Mother Teresa and Princess Diana engaged in charitable works during their lives; however, due to their diverse social standards, Princess Diana is accorded more remembrance over the humble mother Teresa who is only remembered due to her sainthood.

The author argues that although Princess, Diana engaged in charitable works, her life was full of turmoil leading to her premature tragic death at a tender age of 36. On the other hand, mother Teresa lived a productive life as she died at a ripe age of 87. While both women engaged in charitable work to the society, Princess Diana embraced fame and commercialization by the media for pleasure due to her status as the princess. On the other hand, mother Teresa rejected the publicity and fame thus suffered from poor self image in the media. Mother Teresa wore less expensive clothes while Princess Diana focused on glamour accorded to her expensive clothes which are currently displayed in museums.

The main idea discussed in the article is how the current society adores Princess Diana due to her social status over the humble mother Teresa who lived a great life due to her pure heart doing charitable works in the society by helping the needy though she was not wealthy. On the contrary, Princess Diana made use of her social status as the princess and her great wealth to publicize her image over the media as a charitable woman. Although she had a good heart to reach out for the people dying of HIV AIDS, she did not leave a great life as Mother Teresa did.

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The author provides sufficient factual ideas to discuss his points as he makes use of media reports and observation on media reactions over the death princess Diana and mother Teresa. The author critically analyses the media reactions to offer reasons for the media reactions by stating that “wherever we live and work, we are surely called to something larger than our own existence and indulgences.” (). The author supports his ideas by use of psychological perspective whereby he states that human’s greatest need is the desire to be loved and get noticed by everyone. With the current technological innovations, humans have the desire to be loved by friends from social Medias such as Facebook, chat rooms and MySpace.

The article reportage is true and balanced as the author discusses valid opinions from both sides. The author evaluates the reasons as to why the contemporary society celebrates Princess Diana more that it does celebrate mother Teresa; although the duo worked hard to assist the needy in the society through their charitable works. The author critically analyses that human beings love fame and richness thus the media associates it self with Princess Diana due to her legacy over the humble poor mother Teresa.

The article represents the author’s viewpoints on the topic although he has also made use of media and psychological analysis.  The article is informative and convincing as the analysis is based on the writer’s critical view of point. The author’s points are systematically articulated while giving social and psychological evidence to his points of view. The article clearly evaluates the writer’s views on how the society remembers the legacy of Princess Diana and mother Teresa.

To conclude, the article is elaborative and educative as the author’s points are systematically explained. The author gives valid evidence to all his points by use of social and psychological views on the issue. Besides, the author examines reasons why the society remembers the famous members of the society due to their wealth and status over the poor who do great things in the society.

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