The invention of computers dates back to the middle half of the previous century. Back then, an increasing need to simplify work and improve on accuracy was the driving force behind it. The first computers functioned as calculators with their use and application limited largely to computing. However, as time progressed, innovativeness brought in new look computers that were faster, smaller, more durable and with bigger working capacities; the computing and mathematical application alone was not enough. This improvement saw off a revolution in the world of computers, and since then, the world has never looked back. The greatest invention in relation to computers came in the form of internet. This essay provides an insight on the contribution made by the computer on development the numerous positive impacts credited to it and some of the perceived demerits that come along with its continuous use.

The computer is a highly versatile device. Before the introduction of this flexibility, corporate world used computers for limited computation, statistical and mathematical data evaluation, a function it maintains to date. Today, its use still applies in computation but with an extra-added ability to store and process data by just a click of a button (Liu 22). Indeed, the working of computers in computing is a wonder as few humans have the ability and speed to match it, except for the savants, who arguably, are not as fast. The computer comes with software that enable it store information that can be retrieved later, similar like a human brain, but with a higher level of efficiency leading to an increase in productivity in work areas.

The computer became an epitome of revolution in the world of information communication technology (ICT) with the onset and development of the internet. The internet (a connection between a set of computers that allows for the exchange of information and data), initially was a project of the Department of Defense which was looking to find a way of creating a link in their activities using computers (Doyle 50). On its discovery, after years of hard work and research, there was an extension to the public. Computers have now made significant contributions, turning around the world of information communication and technology (Davies 5).  Today, the internet is crucial in an array of functions and provides a fast and easy way to exchange information all over the world. Sending and receiving electronic mail (e-mail) is now possible in every corner of the world with access to the internet. This has been the hallmark of the tag “global village” as people on two corners of the globe, separated by thousands of miles are able to give and share information as if they were talking face to face.

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Through improved communication presented by the use of internet, the computer has paved way for scientific advancement and innovation. Scientists across the world are able to exchange information with greater ease and quickly (Dandu 287). The story gets more appealing with the onset of new software that allow direct video calling, notwithstanding the distance between the users. This has had a direct and mammoth impact on scientific progress. A patient can have his/ her preferred doctor orchestrate a medical procedure, such as an operation, from thousands of miles away using of video calling applications such as Skype! Is that nothing but a wonder? Such contributions have led to cheaper procedural expenses as the patient or doctor does not have to travel much (Khan, Rehman and Surti 44). In essence, it is a time and finance economical medium that allows for the seemingly impossible to be done.

Employing and incorporating the use of the computer in teaching and learning is one other emerging issue. The computer and the internet in essence help teachers impart knowledge and information on students. Teachers also integrate the computer in learning activities by using it to give instructions, send assignments, and even evaluate work done by the students. To the student, there are even more benefits accruing to the use of the computer. The internet has tapped the information explosion well. Information from many variable sources provides a library in its own right, in all aspects. Students benefit from this large pool of information by accessing different online books, articles and even periodicals.  Computer is significant too as a cognitive tool and tutor, improving students’ understanding of disseminated information and knowledge (Attewell and Battle 5). This has simplified work to a great deal, paving the way for another emerging issue home-based learning.

The computer has proved to be a valuable tool for trade, exchange and development. It is no longer a rare occurrence to witness business deals initiated, transacted and finalized by use of computers. This also saves the traders’ time and provides an economical avenue for making and finalizing deals. Other contributions of the computer in development are through entertainment and marketing. The computer provides a platform for entertainment through in-built games, downloaded movies, music and other forms of entertainment.” YouTube” is an application on the internet that has created many careers and given people a chance to flourish in different fields. The use of the internet has also helped marketing firms and companies to advertise their products and services and thereby helping to broaden their clientele base (Winograd and Fernando 15). In summary, the benefits from using a computer are numerous even though it has had some negative influence too, most notably; spread of vices fuelled by the ease of access of information on various practices and cultures the world over. Others would argue that dependence on computers turns humans into robots, giving little opportunity for imagination, creativity and development of the human brain as an asset. There may be some truth in this assertion. Nevertheless, dependence on computers is necessary for further and more formidable progress.

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