Change is inevitable especially in the world today and with this change the stress of coping becomes more intense. Everyone must find the strength to carry on no matter what happens in life. In an article published in on the 12th of January 2011 states that "bomb attack at police station leaves 20 dead" gives a persons mind a challenge (Editor Foxnews, 2011). The first question to ask would be 'if they are attacking even the secure places i.e. the police stations and killing what about civilian areas?' On the other hand though there are fears in life one gathers courage and accepts the reality of insecurity and forges on with life (Blonna, 2006).

The presence of insecurity that has been brought about by suicide bombers has been on the increase with this being a paradigm shift from gang attacks. In this case numerous innocent individuals loose their lives which can cause great stress to those who have been left behind by either loved ones or friends. Those who have lost guardians and/or parents have to start a new life struggling to provide for themselves with no one to look up to (Blonna, 2006).

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To the society they are left with the fears of the high rate of insecurity which leaves them not sure of their lives and security. According to Editor Foxnews. (2011) with the rise in suicide bombings individuals risk to have their lives eliminated at any time and their security only lies on the hands of the bombers. A change to this direction would only need a lot of strength to cope since life is the most precious to people. This makes people turn to religion and make peace with their makers with the expectations of better things to come in the afterlife. They live one step at a time gaining courage each day that passes wishing for a change of heart for the attackers so that they can build a safer and secure world.

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