Textbooks provide a lot of information about an event, especially when written be a primary author, thus considered to be valuable. The information about the events or natural disasters could be highlighted in the media just as presented in the textbook to enable more people access it. In this regard, the media plays an integral role in highlighting most of the important information about events or natural disasters, which occur abruptly.  The assignment will take a closer look at statements of value in the textbook, put together a coherent picture about the value system of the authors, identify their political leanings and discuss whether I agree and/or disagree with the author’s main points.

Thesis Statement

Even though natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina could cause massive destruction, an active and purposive use of the media could help in protecting the victims by updating them about the events and making sure that the authority formulates laws to deal with the damages.


Some of the statements of value that will be used in this analysis and evaluation are as outlined in a table (see appendix i). 


Value System of the Authors

The authors seemed to be guided by similar values on matters of natural disasters. For instance, there was an agreement stipulating that in order to prevent such disasters, proper planning of the area and its administration are necessary to avoid the tragic occurrence when it is hit by Hurricane Katrina. The assumption was that the nation should put in place some of the best building specifications and a firm evacuation plan to avoid such disasters in future. The most appropriate time to spend money protecting beaches is probably during low tides, especially before the onset of breaking waves and tsunamis/Katrina. There are various economic and legal tools, which are available for protecting beaches. The tools include both the simplest restraint and new development planning measures that help in mitigating the loss of the established property and life.

Political Leanings

Apparently, the political linings depicted that the authority had to consider the chosen tools should be designed from the information that is based on the understanding of the plant communities’ role, sand volumes and supply, barrier islands’ dynamics, soil erosion rates, development/economic value of the project, and roles of dunes (Smith, 1980). One of the important tools is to set policies that advocates for retreating from hazard zones. In addition, beach stabilization can be restricted by relocating and removing major structures, especially buildings that put more burdens on environment than the benefit.

My Position on their Main Points

Following the scientific evidences, which have been very instrumental in describing natural disasters, I believe that they give predictions as to what might happen based on the past experience. For example, using the weather patterns, climatic conditions of the past thousands years can be studied and subsequently predictions can be made for years to come. There has been reconstruction of qualitative stations databases about the rainfall depth and infiltration on the earth. The snowfall and snow depth has also been studied and this has assisted in rainfall reconstruction. Therefore, I agree with their main points.  


The Meaning of the Pattern

In this situation, terror management theory could be used to describe the pattern of disaster occurrence so that the authority could avoid Hurricane Katrina by identifying the probable problem and acting fast before the tragedy occurred. The patterns are useful in finding ways of mitigating the impacts of the disasters while applying the ideas of the proponents of the Terror Management Theory. The rationale is that the proponents argue that there are several methods, which the affected zones ought to have used to counter disasters (Smith, 1980). In the first place, there is the use of prior planning in order to detect and neutralize terror activities.

Role of Media in the Authors’ Ideal World

In this analysis, the role of media in the authors’ ideal world is to disseminate information related to prior planning involves the use of a professional team of investigators, capable of locating any presence of terrorists. Secondly, the use of non-military ways in countering terrorism acts. The theory also suggests the application of a non-military approach solves the issue of resource allocation through equitability process. In this case, the other method used is the military intervention. It involves the use of defense force in combating acts of terrorism. The theory also suggests the use of legislation. These are the rules put in place by various governments to deal with terrorism.

Political Spectrum

Concerning the political spectrum, the political temperature and administrative laws differ from one country to the other depending on the need. Therefore, it means that there is no homogeneous law on anti-terrorism that could have subverted the Lusitania Disaster. However, human right issues have to be addressed in accordance to the international standard. It is noted that any violation of the fundamental human right, prompts activists to call for the repeal or review of such a law. This complicates the matter since the terrorists may hide behind the principles of human rights in carrying out their dirty actions.


Ideally, college textbooks should have an explicit point of view so that they provide reliable information about events and situation. The rationale for being explicit is to make sure that the students do not get mixed up about the idea that the author wanted to display. Sometimes, a point of view that the author makes on a particular variable could be inherently harmful, to the students, especially when the latter do not have the skills to interpret the intended message. Alternatively, the students could be trusted to sort through the information for themselves and make their own decisions, especially those with advanced knowledge and analytical skills. Therefore, the information that the author presents in his or her book will have varied impacts on the users. 

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