One of the most important departments in any business organization is customer care. According to many scholars, this is the image of such organizations on the ground that they connect them to the outsiders. Hence, the success of any enterprise is solely dependent on their competency. This paper gives a critical evaluation of the customer services at the Republic Wireless Company.

Customer services at Republic Wireless Company

Republic Wireless is one of the most successful multinationals with active branches in the United States of America (USA), Europe and Africa. One of the reasons why I chose it as my preferred provider is the level of quality services it renders. I am particularly delighted by the customer service department that has been serving me on a daily basis. Really, this is a model department that all the other competing firms should borrow a leaf from (Don, P. and Martha, R., 2005).

To begin with, the department is staffed by qualified personnel who are deeply knowledgeable on their duties. Hence, they offer quality services to any client who may be in need of their services. Because of their competency, they are so quick on answering any question about this reputable company. All this is done in a prompt manner without any dalliance. Meaning, they must have been given a thorough orientation and regular inductions on the internal issues of this company. This helps them to handle the diverse needs of their clientele without any constraint.

Besides, the customer services are provided in a reliable manner. These attendants are working on a full time basis. In other words, the customer service desks are operational 24/7/365. They are always reachable during any time of the year- night, day, weekday, holiday and weekends. Hence, the customers’ confidence is restored since they can always feel free to ask any question regarding the services they are seeking. As a result, no one will be inconvenienced even if they had urgent issues to be sorted out in the middle of the night.

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In addition, the customer services at Republic Wireless are done in a friendly manner. Because of their qualifications, these attendants have high communication skills. A part from being critical listeners, they are very polite (Don, P. and Martha, R., 2005). As a result, they know how to deal with all types of clients who always come to them for assistance. One day, I decided t test some attendants by asking them rhetorical questions that were nor relevant to this company. Surprisingly, even after discovering my intension, I was not harassed at all.  In fact, this is one of the reasons why I argue in favor of this crew.

Consequently, the other admirable feature of this department is specialization and division of labor. Having realized the crucial role it plays in this company, the management opted to segment it into smaller units. The most notable criteria used are the language and services. Meaning, there are attendants concerned with the French, English, Spanish, German and other local and other local languages. At the same time, there are those dealing with messaging, calling, money transfer, thefts and internet amongst others. Each of these has a specific line specifically for their callers (Dall, M. & Bailine, A., 2004).

However, despite the above features, I would like to say that the customer department at Republic Wireless has proved inefficient in handling the massive number of callers. Many clients have expressed a lot of dissatisfaction on the tendency of disconnecting their calls. This happens when there are so many people calling these lines to seek for answers for their questions. During such times, it is very difficult to access these attendants. It is upon this company to increase the capacity of their staff. This will provide an ultimate remedy to this backlog. 

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